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What fruit/veg have you had today?

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slimsimIcon...15-08-2018 @ 23:22 
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Iíve had mixed summer berries in my porridge. Melon, blueberries, strawberries and grapes at lunch. Orange/grapefruit juice, and then onions and red peppers in the enchiladas I had this evening.

Not bad!!!
JBIcon...24-09-2018 @ 14:34 
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had some onion in my left over chinese curry from last night.
Funky_monkeyIcon...26-09-2018 @ 15:46 
1kg of lamb chops is a days wages over here
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Post Edited: 26.09.2018 @ 15:47 PM by Funky_monkey
Had to google what the English for them was:
European Blueberry


One-pot containing
Runner beans

Jerusalem artichokes (with egg)

I haven't spent a f**king penny on food today (yet). All home-grown in our own sheeps' s**t!

Sweetcorn is growing nicely, reckon they should be ready in 1-2 weeks tops. Got about 30 plants, so should have about 60 odd sweetcorn(s?)

Broad beans have started breaking out of the ground, planted 40 of them.

Maybe 2 months until oyster mushrooms start to pop up, and will go out mushroom picking instead of fishing.
Funky_monkeyIcon...03-10-2018 @ 21:25 
1kg of lamb chops is a days wages over here
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Breakfast was 4 big slices of bread with olives, spinach, and halloumi in it.

Lunch was spinach with minced chicken

4-5 o'clock I had the same

Bunch of figs I picked off the tree when I got bored, maybe 10-15 of them.
RickIcon...03-10-2018 @ 21:55 
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I like your food life.

Tonight I had a chef friend and his wife over (their kitchen's being ripped out). Request was fishfinger sandwiches.

Fishfinger sandwiches on "sourdough" Warburton's. Fries.
Jam gyoza (bought frozen) and ice-cream.
Nata and espresso.
I'm totes sophist.
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...09-03-2019 @ 23:47 
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Limited range today and no veggies.

1 small tomato
6 tangerines
1 apple
dannyboy73Icon...15-03-2019 @ 21:45 
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dried fruit from lidle (figs, apricots, plumbs and pear.

i find it easier to eat this type of fruit nowadays for convenience...

Ih, and I had broccoli and carrots/ potatoes with tea tonight.


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