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MikenetoIcon...16-06-2019 @ 23:23 
End of an era.
Member 4646, 1730 posts
Probably be safe winner with a quick 4
DeanW92Icon...16-06-2019 @ 23:33 
Member 4496, 1272 posts
SQ 230, BP 190, DL 300
720.0 kgs @ 109kgs UnEq
Wow tom beating shaw on the stones. Pretty bad time for bryan
BenJWIcon...16-06-2019 @ 23:41 
Member 5867, 9 posts
SQ 315, BP 210, DL 330
855.0 kgs @ 135kgs UnEq
Post Edited: 16.06.2019 @ 23:49 PM by BenJW
Well if the chat is correct the newest trend in fitness is going to be oranges and saying the latter half of your name as a shout then. all seriousness hell of a way to cement your win.
no confirmation.

*edit CHART*
PeterDeLaMareIcon...16-06-2019 @ 23:45 
Member 5255, 130 posts
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Post Edited: 17.06.2019 @ 07:17 AM by PeterDeLaMare

Well done Licis
MikenetoIcon...16-06-2019 @ 23:58 
End of an era.
Member 4646, 1730 posts
Dropped only 4 of the most dominant performances ever.

He is only going to get better.
MikenetoIcon...17-06-2019 @ 00:31 
End of an era.
Member 4646, 1730 posts
Hopefully lots of chanting of "macaroni grill"
93hopkinsonrIcon...17-06-2019 @ 05:32 
Mr.Potato deadlift
Member 2675, 3522 posts
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Mikeneto said:Hopefully lots of chanting of "macaroni grill"

Imagine that. The mass audience at Christmas will have no idea what’s going on lol
PeterDeLaMareIcon...17-06-2019 @ 07:19 
Member 5255, 130 posts
SQ 220, BP 195, DL 240
655.0 kgs @ 130kgs UnEq
I wonder if Shaw is going to retire after this? I think the shortened format doesn’t suit him at all, but I think he’s probably past it anyway.
MikenetoIcon...17-06-2019 @ 11:16 
End of an era.
Member 4646, 1730 posts
Post Edited: 17.06.2019 @ 11:17 AM by Mikeneto
I don't think Shaw will retire. Lots of positives to take away from the comp as a whole.

In the heat

Good truck pull
Good deadlift
Good dumbbell
Farmers and yoke also went well


Squats were good
OH was good
Stones went well

At the moment he is strong but slow. it will suit him in other comps more such as the Arnolds.
jtIcon...17-06-2019 @ 11:17 
“Only slight rubbing”
Member 332, 5720 posts
WILLSAN said:the thing is when you start meddling with things as tv shows do, not only does it ruin it as a sporting spectacle, it makes it worse as a tv show too. case in point, one of the best athletes in the field not making the final.

although it is a tv show, it needs to take the viewers with it as a sporting contest. if you mess with rules and fair play too much they will catch on and switch off. something which will be accelerated in an age where people communicate online and dont have to be spoon fed whatever is on the tele.

'shows' only work if you keep up the illusion and all the social media comments slamming the comp suggest it might be slipping.

I agree in principal, however the mere fact the organisers screen it as entertainment at christmas rather than a live or soon after to me shows how little regard they have for strongman as an actual sport. We could have this same discussion year after year and I try not to get dragged in.
Remember its just a but of fun telly. (sad but true)
MikenetoIcon...17-06-2019 @ 11:18 
End of an era.
Member 4646, 1730 posts
The Americans are getting it aired 30th of June. Actually a half decent turnaround.
MikenetoIcon...17-06-2019 @ 11:27 
End of an era.
Member 4646, 1730 posts
All special K's events

The_Lone_WolfIcon...17-06-2019 @ 11:29 
I eat a lot of meat
Member 5124, 2605 posts
SQ 245, BP 130, DL 275
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Congrats Licis, top effort!
dannyboy73Icon...17-06-2019 @ 19:26 
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Member 4600, 6704 posts
SQ 240, BP 162.5, DL 255
657.5 kgs @ 90.5kgs UnEq
wasnt a million miles off and got all 3...great to see strongman about moving and explosion again and less about freak size and static strength.

I said:1. Special K
2. Thor
3. Shaw or Licis.
MJGIcon...17-06-2019 @ 19:59 
Member 5560, 761 posts
He didn't just win, he put in the best display in a WSM final since Pudz in 03 IMO.


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