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Training with a broken rib

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EagleIconTraining with a broken rib23-06-2010 @ 17:52 
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I have broken a couple of ribs after falling off a banana boat on holiday last Friday.

I'd really appreciate some advice on how best I can maintain strength (been on 5/3/1 for a couple of years) and train around this, especially from those who've had the same injury before. I've seen a doctor and was told average healing time is 10 way i want to rest for that long.

BoarIcon...23-06-2010 @ 17:59 
Member 5, 25467 posts
i broke a couple of ribs and tried to train round it (thru the pain) and it cant really be done , strapping doesnt seem to help , all i did was went thru the exersises that didnt give me MASSIVE PAIN SPASMS !! and stick with them

it certainly didnt take 10 weeks tho .... i would say 6 ...

EagleIcon...24-06-2010 @ 15:25 
Member 1000, 123 posts
cheers Boar, thanks for the reply. As you say I think I'll just have to do the best I can. Hoping I can get a fair bit of training done on machines.
JCIcon...24-06-2010 @ 15:30 
technical retard
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ahhh the banana boat, no holiday is complete without it!! Grin
StetecIcon...25-06-2010 @ 06:11 
Thing thinks he can decide what goes here. He cant
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Ah,right, banana boat Grin I thought it was a metaphor Wink
FatpeteIcon...25-06-2010 @ 07:26 
Hyper obese Pete
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I agree with boar. You have very little say in the matter, you can do what the rib allows, no more. You will have to assess the situation on a day by day basis
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