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Time for an u120kg weight class?

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martinbIcon...29-05-2012 @ 17:09 
Grass fed
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SQ 220, BP 185, DL 272.5
677.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
craigmanc said:I am opening a stand alone 121kg weight class guys

This will bring more depth to Strongman

Sweet, I'll do that too
davycummingsIcon...30-05-2012 @ 09:03 
he's got betty davis eyes
Member 1684, 6001 posts
SQ 250, BP 186, DL 291
727.0 kgs @ 118kgs UnEq
If dates work and i can scrape together the equivalent of a months mortgage payment for flights etc then I am keen also.

Hope to do one of them, wont be able to afford to do both
colinjIcon...30-05-2012 @ 09:25 
the one with a meathead gym in Burnley
Member 420, 209 posts
Ben_F said:One thing that puts me off running a 120s comp' is that quite a few seem to think it would be good for one off comp' but not as "proper" weight class with regionals/nationals etc...

...that said I think I will run one anyway... I'll need to check dates but am thinking it will look something like this (with these events I'd likely have to cap numbers at about 16... which is kind of a nice problem to have IF it arises!).

Vehicle Deadlift
Axle/Dumbell Medley
Power Stairs
Cross Carry
Loading Medley

hi, if this goes ahead il love to have a go at this.
Page89Icon...20-08-2012 @ 15:52 
Hi im Aaron
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SQ 310, BP 190, DL 340
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colinj said:
hi, if this goes ahead il love to have a go at this.

that makes 2 of ua!
Marc3824Icon...31-10-2012 @ 17:38 
Member 3269, 1100 posts
SQ 200, BP 140, DL 270
610.0 kgs @ 120kgs UnEq
Maytbe try a few comps but seems to me that people want to water the sport down its called strongman for a reason how many weight classes do we need......?
Marc3824Icon...31-10-2012 @ 17:55 
Member 3269, 1100 posts
SQ 200, BP 140, DL 270
610.0 kgs @ 120kgs UnEq
Novice is where you start then 105 or opens intermediate is a bit of a grey area to be honest every comp seems to have totally different weights.......!

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