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Suggestions for improving power clean, please

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TannhauserIconSuggestions for improving power clean, please01-07-2008 @ 22:08 
fighting woo with woo
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Post Edited: 01.07.2008 @ 22:09 PM by Tannhauser
I'm getting to really like clean and overhead press. I'd like to improve at it and I'm after suggestions.

My technique is bo***cks and without anyone to give me pointers I think it's likely to remain so, therefore I need to work on strength or explosive power.

I've been adding 2.5kg to my top lift each week. I've got to 115kg, but I can't see me moving up to 117.5 next week.

What can I do to move past the impending plateau? One problem is that I can't dump the weights, so with 95%+, I have to clean it, rack it, unload it, lower it, reload it each time, which takes forever. My other problem is that I'm not very fit and reps absolutely kill me on cleans.

At the moment, I train:

Mondays: power clean, push press, military press, bent-over rows
Wednesdays: Deadlifts, Yates rows
Fridays: squats, bench press, more rows.

Any constructive suggestions welcome.
RickIcon...01-07-2008 @ 22:29 
I am a bench-only guy
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Alan got me on 5x5s, from the hang for a few weeks and then from the floor for a few weeks, for power cleans (and snatches), to address both fitness and explosiveness. I've not really tried any singles since then but it definitely seems to have helped.

Edit: it is absolutely brutal on the fitness. I pyramid up eg 40x5 50x5 60x5 70x5 80x5 and by the end you're forced to do them right or you just won't get them. Absolutely knackering, sweatbath stuff.
EDCLARKEIcon...01-07-2008 @ 22:31 
not particularly well educated
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ok I'm probably the last person to be giving advice about technical stuff,but I found olympic grip front squats really improved my receiving position for cleans,it's a total bas***d at first but if you stick with it it becomes bearable.Id also drop the weight on the power cleans and get some volume in ,you such a strong presser you probably a bit ahead of your cleaning ability ,so dropping the weight would help build up your stamina and help improve you technique.Just my 2 penneth,feel free to ignore !Happy
little_aIcon...02-07-2008 @ 08:44 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
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PB of 115

Week 1 90x3x3
Week 2 95x3x3
Week 3 100x3 95x3 90x3
Week 4 105x3 100x3 95x3
Week 5 110x2 105x2 100x3
Week 6 115x1 115x1 105x3
Week 7 120x1 112x2 107x3

1's, 2's & 3's are the only OL reps you'll ever need. Anything more is cardio.Wink
ThingIcon...02-07-2008 @ 09:46 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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using bands in squats deadlift and bench can help develop more explosiveness and strength.
TannhauserIcon...02-07-2008 @ 15:37 
fighting woo with woo
Member 206, 1491 posts
SQ 227.5, BP 165, DL 260
652.5 kgs @ 100kgs UnEq
That's great,lots of ideas for me to work with. Many thanks.
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