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james_grahameIconStones of strength18-10-2015 @ 09:26 
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Peter Martin passed away suddenly last month. His dad co wrote Stones of Strength.

Peter (jr) had continued researching and documenting traditional stone lifting and gaelic strength culture.

With the permission of his family, the articles he had shared are being uploaded weekly to a website dedicated to him and his work.

There is an accompanying fb page which you can connect to from the bottom of the website
samue1sonIcon...19-10-2015 @ 21:32 
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SQ 210, BP 175, DL 240
625.0 kgs @ 122kgs UnEq
Hi mate. Thanks for the link. I don't know who he was but condolences go out.

It's an interesting link (thought my internet is dead slow, it's taking ages to load).
I'll surely check it out.

Strange how you find hidden gems of info and input in strength sports - things I wouldn't even think about.
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