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Squat rack and bar for sale

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AMH_PowerIconSquat rack and bar for sale05-07-2015 @ 12:09 
Member 4363, 1349 posts
SQ 290, BP 232.5, DL 305
827.5 kgs @ 101kgs UnEq
Since buying a power cage and a texas power bar, I now have an indestructible Sportesse squat rack for sale (and will throw my old bar in for free).

Bar was only cheap (130 quid) but I've squatted 260kg many times with it no drama. However, the squat rack would write off even the most sturdy cars if they were to drive into it.... it really is that sturdy. It's a commercial rack, and assembled together by 4 screws similar to what would be found on a rollercoaster (excluding alton towers).

Here is a picture of it with said cheap bar:

Looking for reasonable offers. I'm in Elland, West Yorkshire (2 literal minutes off the M62). The centre bar on the rack is what unscrews to create 2 sides (and the bar) so it can be strapped to the roof of a car (or thrown in a van).

Tomwhitham94Icon...06-07-2015 @ 12:34 
Member 5762, 16 posts
SQ 170, BP 115, DL 180
465.0 kgs @ 100kgs UnEq
How much for it all?
AMH_PowerIcon...06-07-2015 @ 18:22 
Member 4363, 1349 posts
SQ 290, BP 232.5, DL 305
827.5 kgs @ 101kgs UnEq
Tomwhitham94 said:How much for it all?

PM Sent mate
David30Icon...08-07-2015 @ 09:18 
Member 5817, 7 posts
Hello buddy - if not sold how much you thinking for the rack? Thanks.
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