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SparrowIcon...10-11-2011 @ 20:02 
always lookIng for the extra UT2 work.
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SQ 210, BP 167.5, DL 260
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Cheers fellas! Felling the love for the raw deadlift PB, although I must admit - it's a little bit embarrassing considering how poor it still is. Progress is progress though.

Robbo - 600lbs would be a lovely raw goal for me, I agree. Hopefully sooner rather than later though considering how long it has been between raw PBs.

Josh - I haven't used/seen that particular brand of wax before, but I'm pretty sure it's all the same stuff. Nice one on the deadlift PB - is it 270kg now? We use an Ivanko power bar on Tuesday nights for squatting - it's a quality bar, but as you say, not cheap. I would probably get a Texas Power Bar from strengthshop if you want a solid, all-round bar. I've got a cheapo Marcy (I think?) bar, only cost me 45 but is fine for stuff in the rack e.g. benching, squatting, rack pulls etc. I have also got an Eleiko competition weightlifting bar Grin that I use for stuff from the floor e.g. deadlift, power cleans, overhead etc. Absolutely beautiful bar.

Youngy/Ian - Looking at the video it is surprising that I didn't manage more than that. I just didn't get enough leg drive off the floor to get it going. Hopefully more to come soon though...

Joni - You think I didn't know what your raw deadlift PB was when I was attempting 260/265??? Surely you know me better than that! Wink I fully intent on blowing 262.5 out of the water though. Grin See you on Saturday mate.
SparrowIcon...10-11-2011 @ 20:29 
always lookIng for the extra UT2 work.
Member 9, 18279 posts
SQ 210, BP 167.5, DL 260
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Wednesday 9th November

Push press
60kg x 5
70kg x 5
80kg x 5
90kg x 5
100kg x 5,5

A little bit better than last week, but I'm still feeling pretty clueless with these at the moment.

Supinated chins
BW x 8
+20kg x 8
+45kg x 8

Seated rack lockouts
60kg x 6
100kg x 3
110kg x 4

Seated cable rows
70kg x 8
110kg x 8
135kg x 8

BW x 10,10,10,10,10
Big_GrayIcon...10-11-2011 @ 21:31 
another lover of conans wheel
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nice pb buddie well done
josh_ainsIcon...10-11-2011 @ 22:00 
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SQ 262, BP 155, DL 300
717.0 kgs @ 122kgs UnEq
yep 270kg, felt fairly good, but was fairly slow for me of the floor, hopefully is due to the legs being pre-fatigued squat peaked and GONE lol, so speed should be good next monday for hitting some easy repitition pb's, havent done much strength endurance so lookin forward to pushin this, pretty much all back that lift. just rack pulls with and without bands and top end partials with 6 sec holds at top helped a lot for me.

may get one of the orginal texas power bar or see if barbarian my second gym fancy splitting the costs as training at mo power all the time isnt possible all the time due to work and the gym set schedule, and barbarian bars arent rated above 300kg based on the flex of 270kg and permenant bend ile end up popping a disk with that bar.

where did you happen to buy your climbing shoes from, how do you practise your truck pulling, just sled drags or you got a harness and rope.
Ben_FIcon...10-11-2011 @ 22:49 
vegetarian with a big deadlift - who would have thought...
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Congrats on the PB Deadlift mate, 270kg should go soon enough.Cool
TeddyIcon...11-11-2011 @ 09:54 
in my mouth
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Nice deadlift PB mate, looking forward to seeing you lift next week. Happy
SparrowIcon...11-11-2011 @ 21:44 
always lookIng for the extra UT2 work.
Member 9, 18279 posts
SQ 210, BP 167.5, DL 260
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Thanks Gray, things are moving in the right direction, but still a long way off the pace as far as deadlift is concerned...

Josh - I saw the vid - lots of back for sure. I aven't got any rock climbing shoes. I will be getting some when the new Decathlon opens in Bolton in December most likely. I have only trained truck pull a few times and have used a vehicle of some sort and a harness.

Ben - 270 raw would make me happy! Would most likely put me around the 300 mark in the suit too which would make me doubly happy!

Teddy - I'm quite looking forward to next week now. See you there mate.
josh_ainsIcon...12-11-2011 @ 00:11 
Member 786, 2077 posts
SQ 262, BP 155, DL 300
717.0 kgs @ 122kgs UnEq
anychance of a bit of education in the suits, havent a clue what guys get from them poundage wise or what people should start with, reasonable price for certain types and so on, where is that shop opening.
SparrowIcon...12-11-2011 @ 15:53 
always lookIng for the extra UT2 work.
Member 9, 18279 posts
SQ 210, BP 167.5, DL 260
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
The suits generally are pretty expensive. If you can keep your eye out for a second hand one. The tighter the better IMO, although some people prefer something a little less forgiving (but obviously don't get as much out of it). For example an Inzer Max DL might give 10-15kg, whereas an Inzer Fusion or Metal Pro Deadlifter could give 20-30kg if it suits your strength and weaknesses. I have the Metal and really like it - the velcro straps are a big advantage for me. I get a lot out of mine as my weakness is off the floor (290kg suited compared to 255kg raw). People who are strong off the floor but weaker in the lockout won't get as much out of the suit.
hixxy1985Icon...12-11-2011 @ 16:01 
Member 994, 9594 posts
SQ 330, BP 250, DL 405
985.0 kgs @ 135kgs UnEq
Dtrong pullin mate. training lookin good Cool
SparrowIcon...12-11-2011 @ 16:03 
always lookIng for the extra UT2 work.
Member 9, 18279 posts
SQ 210, BP 167.5, DL 260
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Post Edited: 14.11.2011 @ 21:33 PM by Sparrow
Saturday 12th November

OSG session with Joni and Andy. Smalls was looking snappy on the snatch and it was good to meed baldt and some of Joni's other non-meat eating friends.

Box jumps
Up to 7 green mats (113cm)

Axle clean and press push press/power jerk today
65kg x 3
75kg x 3
95kg x 2
105kg x 1
115kg x 1
125kg x 3 PB (1 belt clean, 3 presses)

15" Axle deadlift
115kg x 3
165kg x 2
215kg x 1
Add suit
235kg x 1
260kg x 1

Log press
62kg x 3,2
82kg x 2
102kg x 1
112kg x 1
117kg x fail

Farmers walk cylinder farmers
52kg x 20m
77kg x 20m
97kg x 20m
117kg x 20m

80kg barrel
107kg barrel
75kg stone
103kg stone

All loaded to various heights in different combinations.

Very pleased with the pressing, although I don't know what to do at the comp now - split jerks or power jerks as there doesn't seem to be much difference numbers-wise. If they feel as good as today I'll probably go with the power jerks as they are probably a safer bet at the moment (less chance of messing them up).

Just worked up to my opener on the deadlift - it felt fine.

Log was an easy fail. Grin didn't feel too heavy, I just messed it up. I'll be repping with 117 in a few weeks so not to worry...
MrSmallIcon...12-11-2011 @ 16:21 
Gone and easily forgotten.......
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good to see you today mate!
Simon_TIcon...12-11-2011 @ 16:23 
Member 1058, 5361 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 294
654.0 kgs @ 106kgs UnEq
Strong axle work, what comp' have you got lined up?
JoniIcon...12-11-2011 @ 20:21 
left the country satisfied
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SQ 240, BP 150, DL 270
660.0 kgs @ 107kgs UnEq
axle is looking tidy indeed!

It does look like you could go all the way with the power jerks - you didnt even need to really press them out today...
josh_ainsIcon...12-11-2011 @ 21:49 
Member 786, 2077 posts
SQ 262, BP 155, DL 300
717.0 kgs @ 122kgs UnEq
thanks for the suit info

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