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Sore Legs!!!

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Martin_JonesIconSore Legs!!!21-05-2010 @ 13:48 
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Anyone suffered from sore legs in the evening and sometimes in the day. Not from training as this just feels like a dull ache.

I had 3 hours of sleep lastnight due to this, the pain was crazy!! I've not been training for a few days due to the flu, but would not think is was due to that as I suffered with the sore legs once before a few weeks ago. I also would not say I have been overtraining aswell.

Anyone else had the s**tty experience?
Beard_Of_IronIcon...21-05-2010 @ 13:53 
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do you spend a lot of your day sitting down mate? I spend too much time sat at a desk, and get achey legs/knees towards the end of the day if I don't get up and move around frequently.
bignige1986Icon...21-05-2010 @ 14:00 
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Bit forward but HGH does that if you take it mate
dr_hazbunIcon...21-05-2010 @ 15:05 
tabbouleh and fattoush salads were very refreshing
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flu (or common cold for that matter) can give myalgia.
Martin_JonesIcon...21-05-2010 @ 15:50 
Member 566, 813 posts
SQ 280, BP 175, DL 340
795.0 kgs @ 125kgs UnEq
Cheers guys.

I do have a desk job but have site visit's also. So not to much time chained to desk.

No HGH mate...

Flu seems the most likely. Thanks for that. I will see what happens when it completely clears.
MrSmallIcon...21-05-2010 @ 18:11 
Gone and easily forgotten.......
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Post Edited: 21.05.2010 @ 18:11 PM by MrSmall
I get sore knees if I don't sleep much, have done since the army.
And back.
And when I have the flu.
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