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Scottish Under 90s record day *Squat Dead Log*

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Calder88IconScottish Under 90s record day *Squat Dead Log*30-03-2015 @ 11:22 
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Delighted to announce Gym 300 will be hosting a Strongman Records day for the under 90kg strongman in Scotland. 22/08/15

The 3 records that will be attempting to be broken and set will be the log clean and press, raw deadlift and raw squat. Each athlete will have 3 attempts at each lift and must be completed within 60 seconds.

Log lift , will be cleaned from the floor and pressed above the head with a signalled lock out from a referee using IFSA LOG , single/double ply elbows sleeves, wrist wraps and belts

Deadlift , straps and belts allowed down signal once the lift has be fully locked out . Will be carried out on a Texas bar

Squat , belts and knee wraps allowed , hips and knees must be parallel for successful squat there will be appropriate signals from the on hand referee

The records that will be looking to be broken will be as follows

Log Press= 131kg current holder Jeremy Vickers

Deadlift= 323.5kg current holder Darryn Wright

Squat= There is no official record to date so whatever is squatted that day will stand as the record.

On hand on the day will be Stuart Murray as head referee and also making an appearance will be 2x Scotland's Strongest Man Luke Stoltman .

*No 24hr weigh in, Weigh in will be carried out on the day*
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