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SAW 3D (Went last night to see)

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goodwinmIconSAW 3D (Went last night to see)29-10-2010 @ 09:09 
a PB is a PB !
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Absolutely awesome.

Great 7th movie
Great gore/traps/terror
Great story
There will be more films

That is all...
ThingIcon...29-10-2010 @ 09:43 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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SQ 260, BP 220, DL 290
770.0 kgs @ 142kgs UnEq
man if there going to be more saw films then they will spoil it further
StetecIcon...29-10-2010 @ 19:14 
Thing thinks he can decide what goes here. He cant
Member 354, 1452 posts
Think I lost track at Saw 4. If they make anymore I may just have to saw my own foot off. Or maybe someone elses...
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