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rob0210IconBritish Classic Championships 201506-10-2015 @ 00:06 
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SQ 280, BP 200, DL 330
810.0 kgs @ 110kgs UnEq
Don't log my training here anymore but still want to keep track of my competitions.

Weighed in at 104.9kg. Not the easiest weight cut I've made but at least I didn't overshoot it.

1st: 250kg - Good
2nd: 265kg - Good
3rd: 272.5kg - Good

Got 275kg 2 weeks out but that knew that would have been a tough ask even before the comp. 272.5kg was a good call, wasn't much left. All time comp pb by 2.5kg.

1st: 170kg - Good
2nd: 180kg - Good
3rd: 185kg - Good

Knew 185kg was possible coming into this but it would be tough. Elbow tendonitis was playing up in the final few weeks so couldn't push bench as hard as I would of liked. Again, good call for a 3rd and wasn't much left out there.

1st: 300kg - Good
2nd: 315kg - Good
3rd: 325kg - Good

Pulled 325kg in training a few weeks out but wasn't able to hold it for more than a split second. Made grip a focus over the final weeks and it showed. Bar was a bit smooth which didn't help, a good sign of my grip improving though. 325kg was slipping at the top but held it long enough to get the down signal.

Total: 782.5kg and 467.7 wilks

Came second to Stephen Manuel who set a new British record of 810kg. Always knew that was going to happen so no complaints coming second to someone of that standard. Got an all time pb total at a lighter bodyweight, went 9/9 and left nothing out on the platform. Next target is 800kg total @ 105kg. Hopefully done enough to get an invite to the squads so aiming for a return to international lifting too.
ChrisMcCarthyIcon...06-10-2015 @ 09:46 
Lost his pen, then found his pen. #phew
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LeedsMiniPowerIcon...06-10-2015 @ 09:53 
Getting fat is just as dumb as using PED's
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765.0 kgs @ 114kgs UnEq
Awesome lifting

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