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richardduceIcon...28-05-2012 @ 09:37 
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Post Edited: 28.05.2012 @ 09:37 AM by richardduce
27.05.12 Yorkshire Novices

Bodyweight 88kgs

110kg Farmers Sprint
Did about 7.5 secs which i was happy enough with. Got a crap pick up which cost me a really good time.

Overhead Medley
Felt good and got 5 reps on this. Failed the 6th log. Had a couple of goes on that but run out of gas. At this point i was 3rd in the 90s and in the top third overall i think.

210kg Axle Deadlift
0 reps!! Was hoping that i would get 1 possibly 2, but it was not to be.

Went well with the yoke to start with. Wrestled with the bag a bit but got it on the platform. Then could not pick up the frame!!!!! I have never failed to pick this up before. Was looking to do a good time on this but didnt.

Called for the 120kg stone and did 2 reps with that. Called for the 110kg stone and the wife said i did a rep on that, but i cant remember if i did or not to be honest. Can remember getting it up to the bar and failing a few times with it mind you. Not too displeased with the stones and really enjoyed doing them to be honest.

Really enjoyed the comp and left nothing in the tank. Deadlift is a weakness of mine and i realised it would cost me points and it did in the end. Fired up to get back in the gym and sort this out. Congratulations to James who won the u90s. That lad just keeps getting better. A big shout out to Andy Dodd too who i thought had a stormer. Thanks to Neil and the junction crew also. Dont know where i finished in the end as we had to get off for the kids.
PAGANIcon...28-05-2012 @ 10:17 
I took about 4 out of Sooty's bottom
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SQ 225, BP 150, DL 290
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Well done yesterday mate, great effort.

Loved your aggression on the stones , you didn't 'call' for the 110k , you f**king demanded it, I've never seen Liam move so fast Grin
bruceIcon...28-05-2012 @ 10:49 
a champion ...from the future !!
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SQ 210, BP 140, DL 240
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PAGAN said:Well done yesterday mate, great effort.

Loved your aggression on the stones , you didn't 'call' for the 110k , you f**king demanded it, I've never seen Liam move so fast Grin

I was a little scared lol

rich good performance mate, & good to see u mate
GATESIcon...28-05-2012 @ 11:40 
What's your thoughts on one legged drills?
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i loved the agression on the stones too you looked at me like you as gonna kill me it got me all excited haha
richardduceIcon...28-05-2012 @ 13:28 
Member 691, 720 posts
Ha ha. I was very fired up after not picking up that bloody frame in the previous event. Wanted to finish strong. I knew big Gates would give me a gee up. Thanks for all your help lads with the loading and reffing. Must have been horrid in the heat. I thought Neils head was going to explode lol.
richardduceIcon...31-05-2012 @ 09:27 
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30.05.12 Junction Gym

Wanted a lighter steady away sesh today

Back Squat
BW 2 sets of plenty
60kg x8
70kg x5
90kg x5
110kg x5 (belt on)
130kg x5

Strict Press
Bar 2 sets of plenty
40kg x5
50kg x5
60kg x10

Speed Pulls
Worked up to 7 singles at 140kg

Steady away sesh getting back to training again post comp.
richardduceIcon...01-06-2012 @ 19:34 
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Post Edited: 01.06.2012 @ 19:36 PM by richardduce
01.06.12 Works Training

Log clean and push jerk (1st rep cleaned)
42kg 2xplenty
52kg x3
62kg x3
72kg x3
80kg x7

Short and sweet
richardduceIcon...03-06-2012 @ 12:36 
Member 691, 720 posts
03.06.12 Works Training

3.5 inch Deficit Deads
60kg 2x5
100kg x3
140kg x1
160kg x1
180kg x2
Looking to push the deficits up to over 200kg soon.

Pendlay rows 3x8

Face pulls 3x12

24kg KB swings 3x10 on each hand
richardduceIcon...06-06-2012 @ 16:37 
Member 691, 720 posts
06.06.2012 Junction Gym

Oly Bar warm ups xplenty

Axle DOH push jerks
65kg 2sets of plenty
75kg x3 ftoh
85kg x2 ftoh
100kg 1clean 3jerks
Had zero pop overhead with these so kept the jerks to 3. Conti cleans feel good now though.
80kg x5 ftoh

Back Squat
BW 2x10
60kg 2x5
80kg x5
100kg x5
115kg x5 (belt on)
135kg x5
Steady away

Yoke and Frame warm ups then:

Yoke and Frame medley
Yoke 250kg x15m then
Frame 205kg x15m
Yoke was fine. Hard ish pull on Frame, but once was up felt light and moved well with it.

Speed yoke
210kg x15m

Overall felt rusty and should have warmed up more to be honest. A bit of rower to get the blood flowing at the beginning would have helped.
bruceIcon...06-06-2012 @ 16:47 
a champion ...from the future !!
Member 1806, 3968 posts
SQ 210, BP 140, DL 240
590.0 kgs @ 89kgs UnEq
good training pal
richardduceIcon...06-06-2012 @ 16:56 
Member 691, 720 posts
bruce said:good training pal

Thanks Liam but i felt terrible today and moved like a slug. Too much crap food and ale over the weekend i think. Your training is looking great mate. Great deads and DB work lately.
richardduceIcon...08-06-2012 @ 10:49 
Member 691, 720 posts
Post Edited: 08.06.2012 @ 10:51 AM by richardduce
08.06.12 Junction Training

Rower warm up

12 Inch Deads
60kg 2x5
100kg 2x3
140kg x3
180kg xbig fat fail!!!!!!!
180kg x2
Sacked these off. Not there today

160kg 2x3

Went home. Deadlift is regressing from an already bad state, to an even worse one . May run Coan again as i did ok with this before.
richardduceIcon...08-06-2012 @ 16:38 
Member 691, 720 posts
Post Edited: 08.06.2012 @ 16:41 PM by richardduce
08.06.12 Works Training

Deadlift (no belt)
60kg 2x5
100kg x3
140kg x3
160kg x3
180kg x3
180kg x3
Plenty of fire in belly after this mornings crap sesh. Wont let these deadlifts beat me.
richardduceIcon...09-06-2012 @ 10:30 
Member 691, 720 posts
09.06.12 Wakefield WL club

Strict Press (1st rep power cleaned)
Bar xplenty
40kg x5
50kg x5
60kg x5
70kg x5
80kg xf Confused Cleaned very easy but failed press

Strict Press out of racks
70kg x5
Want to get back up to repping 80kg again

Bent rows
60kg 3x8
70kg 1x6

Start afresh on tuesday
Gra_BulIcon...09-06-2012 @ 10:42 
I was swinging out of control like an ape
Member 1559, 4075 posts
SQ 180, BP 100, DL 202.5
482.5 kgs @ 90kgs UnEq
eh up Rich!! Very early session is that lol ive only just out of bed lol

i'll be trying to get down on Wednesday night this week if your around?

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