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davewalshIconPulling Rope15-06-2015 @ 00:46 
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Does anyone know where to get hold of a thick rope with hooks already attached for truck pulling?
BenvieIcon...15-06-2015 @ 01:09 
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I recently got a rope for our gym and I found that the cheapest ones by far were marketed as tug of war ropes on ebay. No hooks etc attached but at just over a pound a meter you won't get much cheaper and can easily get some chains and strops to attach the rope to a vehicle. Takes a couple of uses to get the stretch out of it but after that no bother.

All the ones that are marketed for strongman/crossfit were very expensive.
shortandmightyIcon...15-06-2015 @ 09:48 
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I got mine from ebay aswell, tig of war rope. Its easy to splice the ends with a shackle on, or any place that des marine supplies would probably do it cheap enough.
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