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Pain in lower leg caused by squats

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GordyIcon...22-01-2017 @ 15:05 
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WiegieboardIcon...22-01-2017 @ 17:20 
as crimson as my last victims underclothing.....
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Im not exactly a good lifter but had the problem for a little while at the start. Started massaging my tibialis anterior and calves as well as doing calf drops on stairs and they helped.
CAJIcon...22-01-2017 @ 17:39 
I recommend the track - Slut Machine
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Sounds like either peroneal or soleus strain, perhaps both.

The peroneal muscles run the length of the fibula in the lateral compartment, which is the area you describe they are responsible for foot eversion so depending on your style of squat, foot positioning, how your knees track, whether your feet try to 'roll' etc it may be that these muscles are been strained under load, they are only small.

Could really do with a video of your squatting.

Failing that soleus would be my next guess, it's the main calf muscle and can become strained through overuse or constant compression from bouncing out the hole.

Chances are it's a combination of both given the knee pain.

Where abouts on/in your knee does it hurt?
GordyIcon...22-01-2017 @ 19:41 
Member 5418, 383 posts
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GordyIcon...22-01-2017 @ 19:57 
Member 5418, 383 posts
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unit94Icon...23-01-2017 @ 00:04 
what is everyone's fran time?
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Ive had a lot of guys with calf pain from squatting that I've got to roll them out regularly and the pain goes away. Not sure if you've tried it already
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