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Novikov wins Arnolds South America

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MikenetoIconNovikov wins Arnolds South America14-04-2019 @ 15:28 
End of an era.
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He has a lot of potential...only 23 and winning comps with a good set of competitors.

He seems like he has a good brain on him. Understands events better than others.

Special K second, looks to have held back on dead lift due to WSM In a few months.
JCarter123Icon...14-04-2019 @ 15:45 
Member 3757, 1590 posts
SQ 202.5, BP 110, DL 255
567.5 kgs @ 82kgs UnEq
He beat kila?! Thatís damn impressive.

Anyone know events and breakdown of results?
MikenetoIcon...14-04-2019 @ 17:55 
End of an era.
Member 4646, 1750 posts
Yoke 480kg
Chain drag 600kg
Dumbbell 120kg
Deadlift 360kg from height

Probably stones
KevC86Icon...14-04-2019 @ 18:04 
Naps, family time and good food.
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SQ 300, BP 180, DL 350
830.0 kgs @ 130kgs UnEq
f**k me that's a heavy yoke and chain.
BillytheoldIcon...14-04-2019 @ 18:30 
Sugdens crazy old person.
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SQ 270, BP 155, DL 270
695.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
KevC86 said:f**k me that's a heavy yoke and chain.

Seriously heavy chain. I have a 600 pound one and after moving it 40í is very tough for me. The surface on the ground can make a big difference. Polished concrete? Totally sick digits.
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