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New bench world record

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JimLiftsIcon...13-09-2019 @ 10:28 
that doesn't excite you?
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He might well have been, but his profile pic on FB is the day of the 500 I think? Wasn't he also in the 190s there? Definitely bigger than now, but let's not make a fuss about it. He has a long way to go as everyone else said judging by the slow speed of the warm up reps with 225kg
IrishMarcIcon...18-09-2019 @ 06:47 
no really Irish
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Mikeneto said:Looks like Eddie is training for a big bench press. Nice bit of swapping around with sports from powerlifters and strongmen at the moment.

I'm not going to rule him out lol did that for 500 deadlift. His youtube is actually pretty easy watching so will be following along


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