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New Featured Journal: Tony

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RobIconNew Featured Journal: Tony02-06-2007 @ 22:50 
Does f*ck all for
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A new month, a new featured journal. Boar kept the magic of the featured journal alive in May by smashing his squat PBs and doing some tasty raw benching. Everything is primed for some bigger PBs soon.

This is why it's time for Tony to mount his challenge. Tony and Boar have a long and friendly rivalry, stretching back to the days of William Wallace.

Tony is competing with Boar at the BPC British in Bournemouth July 14th. His build up is aimed at PBs in all the lifts including a massive deadlift. 300 is the number that has been mentioned.

Best of luck Tony, keep the magic alive mate and make Boar sweat!
JoniIcon...02-06-2007 @ 23:33 
left the country satisfied
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best of luck mate!

BoarIcon...03-06-2007 @ 08:14 
Nothing left in the tank.
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excellent choice , I have been having secret email discussions with some top benchers, the content of thses emails will be set free all over the adlington PB board in the coming weeks.

I think if tony works real hard he can get 252.5 squat , 185 bench and 275 deadlift

go for it !!!Grin Grin
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