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Nerve pain

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billynomatesIconNerve pain28-04-2019 @ 11:54 
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Hi all,

have any of you found an effective, sustainable treatment for chronic nerve pain? I hear cannabis can be good if there are no side effects. Also seen visits to the osteopath mentioned here before.

Would be good to hear sugdenites experiences of this matter.
DeanW92Icon...04-05-2019 @ 22:19 
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SQ 230, BP 190, DL 300
720.0 kgs @ 109kgs UnEq
What is the affected area? I guess trying to distinguish what's causing it is the first protocol. E.g. i had problems with my sciatic nerve which can often be due to your discs trapping it but for me it was a tight and inflamed piriformis putting pressure on the nerve.
billynomatesIcon...05-05-2019 @ 10:19 
Member 4923, 1034 posts
Hi Dean,

Its the side of the neck down into the shoulder. An MRI was done and the cause identified as wear and tear due to old age! A cortisone injection was recommended but I was just wondering if anyone has got relief in other ways. Cheers.
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