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Muscle massage guns

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DeanW92IconMuscle massage guns02-02-2019 @ 16:19 
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Post Edited: 02.02.2019 @ 16:20 PM by DeanW92
Has anybody tried or got one of these and used with good success? I have massages every so often and they work wonders but not always practical to go every week and looking for something to help inbetween.

Never really got on much with foam rolling as i find some areas hard to work on and often get cramp in the opposing muscles due to the awkward positions and tensing up because of the discomfort.

Seen the theragun which comes with a massive price tag but seen another one very similar for around 220
danbaseleyIcon...12-02-2019 @ 21:43 
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You can buy a jigsaw - and other companies actually sell the attachment/converter.

So it costs a fraction of the hiked up price.
The_Lone_WolfIcon...13-02-2019 @ 08:40 
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They have one at my gym, and the guys rate it... Having had a go, it did help loosen off my tight areas... (Oooohhhh)

But I would imagine you could make one for a fraction of the price as already mentioned.
dazzachapIcon...13-02-2019 @ 09:32 
the ferryman will always need his coin.
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I made one last year from a WORX cordless jigsaw, 150 well spent,
As Dan mentioned theres a few companies manufacturing attachments you can now retrofit.
DeanW92Icon...23-02-2019 @ 18:14 
Member 4496, 1443 posts
SQ 240, BP 200, DL 300
740.0 kgs @ 112kgs UnEq
Cheers fellas. Seen a few videos where they use a jigsaw as a cheaper option.

Do you feel they help a lot with tightness?
umpalumpalifterIcon...12-04-2019 @ 11:04 
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In my opinion like massage all these passive modalities will improve acute tightness but without further proactive modalities (stretching, dynamic movement patterns) they will not do much long term.

If you have tightness
*find the reason why ( 1-2 hours exercise per day leaves 22-23 hours for other behaviours to tighten you up)
*relax/ inhibit tight muscles
*perform lightly resisted new range of movement patterns
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