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LukeCIconLuke Corcoran BPC Brits 2012 - Sponsored by @ 14:34 
The one in the guns and roses teeshirt.
Member 171, 2462 posts
SQ 272.5, BP 140, DL 245
657.5 kgs @ 80.2kgs Eq

Thought I would share my comp video from the weekend before last, had a great days lifting Happy

Here is my write up copy and pasted from my journal:

So I travelled down to London on the Friday, due to flooding I had to switch trains twice I ended up getting to the weigh in at 5.30 rather than 2.30 which sucked quite a lot but at least I hadn't done a mega cut and was dying to weigh in. Having weighed in at 81.1kg I was ready to eat and rest before comp time.

Travel to the venue on the Saturday went far, far smoother thankfully and I got to the venue in good time. Having got myself a good spot in the warmup room and stretched out I was ready to warm up.

Suit on, rolled down
45kg x 5
65kg x 5
85kg x 3
105kg x 3
125kg x 2
145kg x 2
Suit rolled up, straps down
165kg x 2
Knee wraps on
185kg x 1
Straps up
205kg x 1

Warm ups felt great and I was ready to go.

Opening lift: 225kg - good lift
Nice and easy opener as it should be.

Second lift: 237.5kg - good lift
Not quite as easy as I would have liked as didn't get the groove 100% but it came up well enough to call for a small PB on my third. Crucially this was 2.5kg more than my last meet so I was ahead on my PB total straight away.

Third lift: 242.5kg - good lift PB
Having my brother crank my wraps meant they were on super tight and I was ready to nail a PB. I went down and ground it back up, one of the slowest squats I have ever done, but I got it and I was so happy. After 2 years of trying I finally hit a squat PB!

Buzzing from my squat PB I took a bit of a break from the comp and went to eat and get some fresh air. By the time I came back it was pretty much time to warm up for bench.

Bench Press:

40kg x 5
60kg x 5
70kg x 4
80kg x 3
90kg x 2
100kg x 1
Shirt on
120kg x 1 - 4 board
125kg x 1 - 2 board
127.5kg x 1 - 1 board

Raw warmups felt good but the ones in the shirt were hit and miss. First warm up my shirt wasn't on right and my last got misloaded, luckily I realised as soon as I unracked it but it was far from ideal.

Opening lift: 130kg - no lift
I have never got 3 benches in a comp and today was no exception. Like an idiot I managed to beat the press command and get red lighted - what an idiot!

Second lift: 130kg - good lift
I considered upping the weight on my second since I pressed my opener easily enough but I decided against it and played safe. No mistakes second time around, nailed it.

Third lift: 135kg - good lift PB
I called for a small 2.5kg PB on my final lift knowing how that benching 135kg would make getting a 600 total so much easier. I found a good grove and nailed a PB, my second of the day.

I took another break and I knew going into deadlift a 222.5kg deadlift would give me the 600kg total I wanted. The plan was to drop my opener to 212.5kg and then go all out for the 222.5kg for the total then just go for a PB if there was anything left in the tank. My brother forgot to drop my opener for me so I was to open on 215kg but the plan remained the same.


60kg x 5 - DOH
80kg x 5 - DOH
100kg x 3 - DOH
120kg x 3
140kg x 2
160kg x 2
180kg x 1
200kg x 1

Warmups felt good and snappy and I was ready for action.

Opening lift: 215kg - good lift
An ideal deadlift opener, I nailed this without getting psyched up at all and it was an easy pull, on the video I almost look bored doing it haha.

Second lift: 222.5kg - good lift
I approached the bar knowing this lift would give me a 600 total. I was feeling confident and I pulled it, got the down command and celebrated, I got what I had come for. I was feeling really good and fancied a deadlift PB to round it all of perfectly.

Third lift: 232.5kg - good lift PB
Having failed 220kg on the same platform just 6 months earlier I knew my training had been right coming into this meet. At the last meet I finally cracked 230kg and I was feeling stronger than that now so it was time for another PB. I got psyched up and stormed up to the platform and pulled. I let the bar get in front of me but there was no way I would let that stop me and I got the lift. I felt jubilation and exhaustion at the same time.

Total: 610kg - PB

To total 12.5kg more than my last meet and 40kg more than the Brits the year before felt awesome. All my hard work in training had paid off and my plans had come together perfectly. It was a great day Happy

Ive got a few people I would like to thank: Firstly my brother John and my Dad for helping me on the day, it sure was better having people with me unlike last meet! Secondly my training partners Elliot and Tom who hammer me on my form all the time and push me on to PBs. Last but definitely not least, my fiance Amy who puts up with me and probably deserves a medal for it.
ChrisGloverIcon...16-07-2012 @ 17:56 
does 'bench only' comps ...LOL
Member 1469, 377 posts
Great lifting Luke! Well done!
tazIcon...16-07-2012 @ 19:46 
he who does the volume wins
Member 2498, 3652 posts
SQ 160, BP 125, DL 225
510.0 kgs @ 109kgs UnEq
Top lifting mate. Pbs on every lift, can't ask for more than that, awesome!
LukeCIcon...16-07-2012 @ 20:38 
The one in the guns and roses teeshirt.
Member 171, 2462 posts
SQ 272.5, BP 140, DL 245
657.5 kgs @ 80.2kgs Eq
Thanks guys Happy whats your comp plans for this year Chris?
Taz, it was pretty much the perfect days lifting Happy
SlugworthIcon...16-07-2012 @ 20:58 
P.S must learn to deadlift
Member 3457, 717 posts
SQ 230, BP 180, DL 235
645.0 kgs @ 148.5kgs UnEq
Good performance, good tune! well done Luke
LuuuuuukeyIcon...17-07-2012 @ 09:21 
Hill sprints are fun!
Member 731, 3261 posts
SQ 200, BP 127.5, DL 232.5
560.0 kgs @ 80kgs UnEq
Nice lifting Luke.

After the look of your first bench I thought the second and third were going to be horrible, but they were lovely! More than made up for the first!

Congratulations on hitting 600+ in competition!
haydnwardIcon...17-07-2012 @ 10:50 
Member 3148, 473 posts
SQ 180, BP 145, DL 210
535.0 kgs @ 87kgs UnEq
Awesome lifting dude! Making mebwana do a powerlift meet at some point! Lol
Shame about that first no lift bench, but congrats on adding 12kg to your total.
Notional_CluesIcon...17-07-2012 @ 10:56 
Member 3781, 110 posts
SQ 220, BP 182.5, DL 320
722.5 kgs @ 100kgs UnEq
Sensible and realistic weight selections and third attempt PBs in all three lifts.

Well done Luke.
BigMaccaIcon...17-07-2012 @ 11:27 
Served his time, he has.
Member 798, 9602 posts
SQ 260, BP 150, DL 272.5
682.5 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
Well done Luke - A great day's lifting mate Cool
LukeCIcon...18-07-2012 @ 09:28 
The one in the guns and roses teeshirt.
Member 171, 2462 posts
SQ 272.5, BP 140, DL 245
657.5 kgs @ 80.2kgs Eq
Thanks Slugworth Happy
Luuuuuukey, after the mess of my shirted warmups that opening bench felt good to me and even though I got red lighted I gained a lot of confidence from it. I think the 135kg went nice because that bit more weight on the bar made the touch easier.
haydnward, get yourself to a meet! You wont regret it Happy
Notional_Clues, I think I picked my numbers well and having my brother with me did help, just to bounce ideas off. Without him I may well have upped my second bench or gone for a 245 squat which might have cost me.
Cheers Macca, just got 75kg to beat your best total (suits, wraps, monolift yada excluded ).Tongue
chrisjenkinsIcon...18-07-2012 @ 10:59 
enter the welsh dragon
Member 738, 2297 posts
SQ 372.5, BP 237.5, DL 355
965.0 kgs @ 90kgs Eq
Strong consistent lifting mate, your doing excellent Luke Wink
macrothIcon...18-07-2012 @ 11:40 
no longer the Swiss Deadlift record holder
Member 3517, 2875 posts
SQ 182.5, BP 122.5, DL 255
560.0 kgs @ 90kgs UnEq
Sounds like a good day at the office, nice slew of PB's there!
LukeCIcon...19-07-2012 @ 15:18 
The one in the guns and roses teeshirt.
Member 171, 2462 posts
SQ 272.5, BP 140, DL 245
657.5 kgs @ 80.2kgs Eq
Thanks Macroth Happy
And cheers Chris, good to lift together again Happy
josh_ainsIcon...22-07-2012 @ 15:53 
Member 786, 2077 posts
SQ 262, BP 155, DL 300
717.0 kgs @ 122kgs UnEq
good work with good pb's well done
mcleeIcon...23-07-2012 @ 14:58 
Member 2077, 103 posts
SQ 190, BP 100, DL 210
500.0 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
Well done mate. Awesome stuff.


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