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Looking for kit

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Wayne_CowdreyIcon...15-03-2019 @ 07:08 
'very impressive' ............ 7 years ago.
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I don't want to name it on here, in case I get accused of damaging reputation/business or something.

The blame lies mostly with the previous gym owner who sold other people's stuff, but the gym is well aware that they have 'stolen' kit.

I can't even bring myself to feel angry. I feel frustrated and disappointed by human behaviour.
sd1656Icon...18-03-2019 @ 00:21 
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SQ 140, BP 100, DL 180
420.0 kgs @ 85kgs UnEq
Sorry to hear about your kit.

Still on the lookout for some stuff mainly a yoke


You are here: HomeForumGeneral BullshitLooking for kit
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