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slow_lift_joeIcon...16-07-2018 @ 20:43 
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I could make it on to Love Island for non beautiful people.
It would be called Bulk Island.

As for Gyms for Free, I have business plan like a famous Irish airline it will be cheap but the refreshments and extras or bags carried in including belts, straps and towels the cost will be 50 as extras.
danbaseleyIcon...16-07-2018 @ 21:58 
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In some areas, people can speak to speak doctor and ask about GP Referral schemes.

They tend to be at the local council/PPP Gym.

But they get 6-12 weeks of gym membership for a nominal fee.
GordyIcon...17-07-2018 @ 10:28 
Member 5418, 383 posts
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You are here: HomeForumGeneral BullshitJust a thought
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