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Is this a good WoD for a crossfit beginner?

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JamieGIconIs this a good WoD for a crossfit beginner?13-09-2014 @ 23:43 
Tom's CNS is better than steroids
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JackRevansIcon...14-09-2014 @ 00:09 
'There was also a sausage in my mouth.'
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Op is a coprophile
PhillippeHalterIcon...14-09-2014 @ 08:20 
Are horror films healthy...?
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Almost all crossfitters pull like that... And a few weighifters do too

She is probably pretty good at whatever she does

I'm not sure that was a WOD but you could start with a rollypolly and squat jump over the bar and build yourself up...

The only downside is that you are jumping or stepping over the bar which makes you... Well... Let's not go there
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