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IkonTheHologramIconInversion Table03-04-2014 @ 09:34 
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Anyone got any experience with these? Just been to an osteopath about a lower back problem iv got which he believes is from a compressed lower back, tight QL and psoas muscles. He recommended buying an inversion table but its near on 200 which is a lot for something which might do nothing, just wandering if anyone has had success with them?
WiegieboardIcon...03-04-2014 @ 10:27 
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My mate got one from costco for about 140. I used it a few times when my back was bad and it was pretty good for me. Ended up helping my injury with physio but it did help on the road along. Anothe thing I did was hang from my arms and when I did so I could feel where my injury was. My problem was a mechanical problem though which is different to what your suspected problem is.
ironcolinIcon...03-04-2014 @ 10:41 
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There are lots of ways to achieve decompression for the lower spine without the expense of buying a table etc one I particularly like is using resistance bands suspending yourself upside down from a power rack or something similar.
MrSmallIcon...03-04-2014 @ 10:59 
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sports massage can help all those. hanging from a pullup bar or anything like that. couch stretch. side bends.
JackRevansIcon...03-04-2014 @ 11:06 
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Iv recently been hanging from those straps that people use to do leg raises or whatever without having to hold on, then doing hypers
VanillaGorillaIcon...03-04-2014 @ 11:17 
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As already mentioned, simply dangling can help, as can decline benches and reverse hypers.
ThingIcon...03-04-2014 @ 11:21 
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would love to get a reverse hyper
Funky_monkeyIcon...03-04-2014 @ 14:09 
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MrSmall said:sports massage can help all those. hanging from a pullup bar or anything like that. couch stretch. side bends.

This was my first thought - a chinup bar that hangs in the door frame, you then hang from the bar. Use your hands - I've heard hanging from your neck isn't good for your health.

Gravity boots are also cool - much cheaper too.
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