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Invercairn Gala under 90kg Strongman - August

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jonathansummersIconInvercairn Gala under 90kg Strongman - August20-05-2014 @ 13:36 
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Post Edited: 30.07.2014 @ 17:17 PM by jonathansummers
Following the success of our amateur strongman in 2013, Im looking to step things up a little and get some bigger guys and heavier weights involved. Looking to run an under 90kg strongman on Saturday 9th August at Invercairn Gala. This competition will be held on grass so I have tried to avoid any events which require a decent amount of grip a platform will be set up for any events which require a solid surface i.e. deadlift, pressing etc.

Events will kick-off around 12pm, so competitors should arrive for weigh in around 1 hour before. I will update the status on this nearer the date when a few more things fall in place.

There will be trophies for the top three with SCI-MX providing some bonus supps for the top three placings.

Maximum of 12 competitors, with any overspill being included as reserves. If you wish to put your name down for this competition, please contact me through this thread or by e-mail at with your name and contact details.

Event 1 Maxle:
2 axle starting at 80kg then increasing in 10kg increments until 120kg, whereupon 5kg increments will take over.
[Belt cleans allowed; however, no skipping weights and a successful rep must be locked out and held until ref signals.]

Event 2 Farmers walk:
120kg per hand over 30m course with a turn at 15m (low pick-up).
[Farmers must be held whilst turning at 15m, no drops or straps allowed. 60 second time limit.]

Event 3 Key loading medley:
50L kegs weighing 100kg, 110kg, 120kg and 135kg to be loaded onto a platform from 10m out.
[All kegs must be standing on the platform. 90 second time limit.]

Event 4 Deadlift for reps:
Head-to-head with 230kg for reps.
[Standard bar and plates. Each rep must commence from rest and be held at the top until ref signals. Straps are allowed but no suits. 90 second time limit.]

Event 5 Giant dumbbell press:
60kg dumbbell to be pressed for reps.
[10 circular pipe with 2 handle. Each rep from the floor to overhead and must be held until ref signals. 90 second time limit.]

Event 6 Stones:
106kg, 124kg, 133kg, 144kg, 155kg and 166kg stones to be loaded onto platform.
[90 second time limit.]

1. Scott Alexander
2. Gary Robertson
3. Jeremy Vickers
4. David Sanderson
5. Liam Calder
6. Darryn Wright
7. Calum Morrison
8. Ian Gibson
9. Adam Rutherford
LessThanLukeIcon...20-05-2014 @ 13:39 
his poor male ego must be crushed
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SQ 290, BP 180, DL 420
890.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
This looks like an awesome comp BUT

"This competition will be held on grass so I have tried to avoid any events which require a decent amount of grip"

You realise 120kg farmers with a low pick up and a turn with no drops is gonna be pretty f**king tough at U90s right?
jonathansummersIcon...20-05-2014 @ 13:44 
Member 4437, 64 posts
Yes, we did this last year at an amateur level with 100kg per hand and it worked out fine. Admittedly, there was no turn only a drop. Given the right dry conditions this should not be an issue. If the grass is wet we will workaround and do what we can.
larrywoodIcon...20-05-2014 @ 17:32 
Member 2066, 97 posts
Key loading...
That is a heavy set of keys Jr.
SamthepigmanIcon...20-05-2014 @ 17:47 
See You Next Tuesday
Member 2254, 3477 posts
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looks like a good comp!
salexander1984Icon...20-05-2014 @ 18:19 
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SQ 212.5, BP 120, DL 250
582.5 kgs @ 81kgs UnEq
Put my name down please Junior, looks a great comp and something to focus training on.
jonathansummersIcon...20-05-2014 @ 18:41 
Member 4437, 64 posts
Ewan Massie and Scott Alexander updated.

Kegs need to be heavy kennnnn.
jeremy1987Icon...20-05-2014 @ 18:41 
Member 825, 290 posts
SQ 270, BP 185, DL 297.5
752.5 kgs @ 88kgs UnEq
Me and gary robertson pal
shortandmightyIcon...20-05-2014 @ 18:57 
Aiming for a 250 squat by the end of 2012
Member 1989, 3169 posts
SQ 240, BP 140, DL 270
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Stick me down for this Junior.
jonathansummersIcon...20-05-2014 @ 19:03 
Member 4437, 64 posts
No problem gents, names updated.
Calder88Icon...20-05-2014 @ 20:24 
Member 4759, 49 posts
SQ 272.5, BP 202.5, DL 300
775.0 kgs @ 88kgs UnEq
Put my name down aswell cheers
jonathansummersIcon...20-05-2014 @ 20:28 
Member 4437, 64 posts
Calder88 can you send over a quick e-mail with your full name and a contact please
Calder88Icon...20-05-2014 @ 20:30 
Member 4759, 49 posts
SQ 272.5, BP 202.5, DL 300
775.0 kgs @ 88kgs UnEq
Ooops sorry mate mail sent
General_illIcon...20-05-2014 @ 20:36 
3rd place Europes strongest man 2016 U90kg
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Where is this and how much to enter
jonathansummersIcon...20-05-2014 @ 20:47 
Member 4437, 64 posts
Its the North East of Scotland, 40 miles North of Aberdeen and entry is free


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