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Intermediate strongman competition discussion?

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JonathanIconIntermediate strongman competition discussion?04-12-2007 @ 21:03 
the Ergbreaker
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*Also posted on Riottraining*

I got to thinking this evening that it would be good if there were intermediate competitions in strongman.

As it stands, there are only two tiers - novice and open. The problem from where I am standing is that there is a huge difference in weights between the two levels. There is no middle ground to build up experience with. For instance - the heaviest you will ever find overhead in novice is 100kg, yet it starts at 120kg in opens.

As far as I am aware, strongman is the only sport that only has two tiers like this. In martial arts, you wouldn't jump from say sparring with yellow belts (6-12months experience) straight into black belt matches. In football you don't go from Sunday league to First Division.

Would it not be better for strongman if there were comps around where people who feel that they need move on from novice, but aren't ready for opens can compete in. I am talking from my own personal experience, as I have placed fairly well in my last couple of novice comps, and can no longer really justify competing at novice level. I do not feel ready to compete at Open Level though, as my static strength is too low and I don't feel like I have sufficient experience.

Here is my idea of general weights for competition at novice, intermediate and open level:


Novice - less than 100kg
Intermediate - 105-115kg
Open - more than 120kg


Novice - less than 220kg
Intermediate - 240-260kg
Open - more than 280kg


Novice - less than 300kg
Intermediate - 330-360kg
Open - more than 380kg


Novice - less than 120kg
Intermediate - 120-140kg
Open - more than 140kg


Novice - less than 350kg
Intermediate - 350-400kg
Open - more than 400kg


Novice - 80kg to 135kg
Intermediate - 100kg to 150kg
Opens - 110kg to 170kg or more.

They are just a small selection of different events, but you get my gist.

What do people think about the promotion of an intermediate level for strongman?

SparrowIcon...04-12-2007 @ 22:28 
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I'd do it!

Lots of other countries have a similar set up.
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