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Injury Thats Fucked You Up The Most ?

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BoarIcon...01-02-2010 @ 21:48 
Member 5, 25467 posts
did you do your back coughing neil ? thats godda piss you right off , worse than doing it picking up shopping bags or doing a jigsaw
BigSamIcon...01-02-2010 @ 21:52 
HORRIBLE MEDLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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I fort My Injury Was s**t! I Thought you ment whilst in gym

Broke Both Of My Wrists Playing Football! Was Also A Girl Who Broke Them

soo that was a mental injury lol Roll-Eyes

And Broke My Little Finger Playing Rugby!
ThingIcon...01-02-2010 @ 22:00 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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Boar said:did you do your back coughing neil ? thats godda piss you right off , worse than doing it picking up shopping bags or doing a jigsaw

Was struggling with my asthma and had a coughing fit at my parents house the felt an almight snap in my back and then dropped to the floor a pain had to put my weight belt on so I could stand up. Was laid up for a week and then this is were the injury stems from

and yes It pisses me off
FAT_SAMIcon...01-02-2010 @ 23:24 
more like 'FAT TROLL'
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On-going pain in the SI joint. Heard a loud pop from that area when unracking a weight for push press without warming up properly. Still affects my deadlift and picking stuff up off the floor now. The left side of my back (the affected side) pumps up really quick as a result. This injury combined with weighing 140 kilos makes getting shoes and socks on a real pain in the arse.

Hurt my rotator cuff push pressing about 2 years ago, was lucky not to actually tear it, i had a scan on it to make sure nothing was torn. It took nearly 6 months to get back to where i was on overhead and bench afterwards but i don't have any snags with it anymore.

Sprained my pec doing stones.
mikex101Icon...02-02-2010 @ 08:34 
never too old
Member 637, 760 posts
ive not injured myself lifting yet, touch wood. However i came of a bike a few years ago and smashed my scaphoid in my wrist. pressing in any form with any sort of weight hurts like hell. Which is an issue.
CarlIcon...02-02-2010 @ 08:59 
Loves rugby league ...
Member 13, 14460 posts
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stud in the right knee playing rugby, needed 10 stitches, i got caught out by the hookers leg which was getting all my blood on it, i wanted to play on and had doen for 20 mins, couldnt move my right leg due to swelling for a week after

dislocated shoulder when i was younger pissing about with my dad

shin chipper, needed a skin graft which got infected and just ended up having to pack it daily, was a pain in the arse. was tough to walk on the injured knee for 2 weeks or so, still cant squat heavy without knee wraps, yoke has gone to s**t, and it will sometimes go for no real reason
DanIcon...02-02-2010 @ 13:47 
Dan is old fashioned.
Member 27, 2028 posts
SQ 240, BP 170, DL 255
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Used to be heavily into cycling.
One night a Taxi turned directly across my path, I hit his front wing, popped his tyre with my wheel, went over his bonnet, broke his windscreen, rolled over the roof and landed on the road. The Police told me the car was a right off.
I stood up in the road and promptly fell back on the floor.
Turned out my left knee cap was detached.
Had the operation to re-attach, and they sent me home.
Unfortunately they didn't stitch me up properly inside and I had internal bleeding around the knee, the knee swelled up to a huge size and there was blood seeping through the wound.
I was in Hossy for about 4 weeks - I think they kept me in to cover their ass, make sure there was no infection in the knee from the internal bleeding etc.
They were drawing fluid out of the knee every couple of days, which was pretty gross.
I was on crutches for 3 months, couldn't take any weight on my left leg for a long time and got horrendous aches in the knee for years after - still do when it's cold.
Needless to say Squats were out for a very long time.
doc77Icon...02-02-2010 @ 14:07 
enjoys the odd fag
Member 563, 1029 posts
SQ 210, BP 125, DL 230
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Broke my arm by falling into a rockery when i was 6; my arm bent to the shape of the rockery...I had to have an op to straighten and reset it and it has left my arm severely weakened and bent - every time I fell over I broke it again...I broke it 4 times in all and can only pronate my wrist half way now. Shoulder has grown differently to compensate for the difference in shape of my forearm, and I have a weak press as a result of never being able to use it until i was about 18.

Docs told me it would take 20 years to return to full strength, so i didnt start using wights until I was 28 and as a result i am a s**t presser. However it hasnt broken since I was 12 so that is a nice bonus...

Also did a disc in my back - a partial tear whilst at work. It took 18 months to get an MRI scan during which I was unable to walk properly. Once scanned and diagnosed it took 6 weeks of physio to sort out :|

I have broken many bones, including both ankles, all my fingers and half of my toes at various times, one of the knuckles in my foot is half an inch back from where it should be which causes the tendons to cramp up when I have been walking for a while.

Doctors told me to emigrate to somewhere warmer if i want to avoid arthritis in old age...ah well, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger eh!!
tonyjb72Icon...02-02-2010 @ 14:09 
abs by summer 2011? Experts opinions vary
Member 290, 2552 posts
Not had any problem from lifting, bar a bit if bicep tendonitis (touch wood), but I had 2 herniated discs from rugby (ongoing issues), torn left rotator cuff and a dislocated knee. The knee had me in a cast for a month and a lot of rehab. We were playing at Wigan at the time. f**king pie eaters.....


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