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How has your year been training wise?

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JoniIconHow has your year been training wise?17-12-2009 @ 11:22 
left the country satisfied
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time for some reflection Happy

my year started still rehabbing the shoulder from the surgery last year. I started the build up slowly but was already pulling 210 for double by the end of march and putting 100 overhead.

In that sense my progress after that has been really bad Grin

but it has been highs and lows. Small pbs on front squats (to 172.5) and deadlifts (to 250), have learned to clean and maybe touch better tech with overhead. 120 is the most i have put overhead from blocks this year, and 116 from floor to overhead on a barbell and 115 on an axle.

Strongman events, apart from log, on the other hand are better than they used to be before the injury. All moving events feel better, tyre seems to flip better and so on.

I did three comps, u105 in finland where i got totally owned, and then barnard castle and st. ives open strongman comps (moderate weights) which went better than i expected.

Hoping for big things from next year!
MrSmallIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:29 
Gone and easily forgotten.......
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Post Edited: 17.12.2009 @ 11:30 AM by MrSmall
Bored at work? Grin

My year has come along in leaps and bounds but not as much progress on overhead as I would have liked.
Squat, deadlift, cleans, events have progressed loads, overhead/pressing not so much.
Formal introduction to stones, farmers, yoke, tyre flip, duck walk, sled drag, log and axle.

Pretty much my first proper year involving strongman so everything has been progress.
Next year want to hit big goals!

Comps done: u90 Northern qualifier -> owned, Olympic dragons -> owned but slightly less.
richards9876Icon...17-12-2009 @ 11:30 
Still mostly bodybuilding
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Post Edited: 17.12.2009 @ 11:31 AM by richards9876
Funnily enough i was thinking this myself this morning.

Personally ive had a pretty decent year training, only been training for strongman and lifting properly since beginning on May but since then ive managed to put just over 140kg to my total lifts.

Overhead strength seems to have been my biggest & best progress going from around 70kg push press to my current 115kg PB. Also, had decent gains on DL, Squat, log and various other events but have only done the one comp to reflect on performance.

Hoping 2010 will continue to be just as strong and planning on doing as many comps as possible.
CarlIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:33 
Loves rugby league ...
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Post Edited: 17.12.2009 @ 11:36 AM by Carl
had a good lead up to ssm, including a 400 yoke, and a few other bits and bobs

then i f**ked up the log and the log f**ked up my leg

started training pressing with rob whilst my skin graft settled, and my training took off, i benched 185, and seated pressed 125

when i was back squatting, i squatted 250 and deadlifted 255 for a small pb

knee still isnt right on oving events, but its getting better

push pressed 140 for a double, which was sweet

looking forward to a full year of squatting and deadlifting next year Happy

i would have put on nearly 100kg on my total by the end of the year (95 at the mo but going for dl pb monday) with using wraps on squats and touch and go benching, which isnt bad at all, hopefully get my deadlift and fitness up next year and be a much better competitor
JCIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:37 
technical retard
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Training from Jan 09 - May'ish 09 was great

First few comps of the year were also great

Mid late summer - some below standard training and competition

Autum/Winter training - pretty poor, hindered heavily by injury. In general things (injury excluded) seem to be picking up for a good end to the year
IainKendrickIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:38 
some nice relaxing jazz.
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Not good enough for lats half of the year. Decent prior
LuuuuuukeyIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:44 
Hill sprints are fun!
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2009 has been pretty good for me, or at least the second half when I have actually been training has. After having never been interested in any sort of strength related stuff before I decided to hit the gym and quickly got hooked on the idea of powerlifting at the beginning of June.

When I began my PBs were: 100/60/120.

After training three times a week pretty religiously since the beginning of June and competing three times in the process my PBs are now: 135/70/170. All set in competition, which also qualified me for the British.

So basically in 2009, I have become interested training for strength, become interested in powerlifting, competed, set lots and lots of PBs and qualified for a British championship. Very happy with my 6 months work!
little_aIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:46 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
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Up to the EXPO in may - good
Up to the U90 Dragons - average
Up to a couple of months ago - s**te
Since then - fair bit better

progress = none, but I'm a year older and havent gone back any either.
MarkCleggIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:49 
knock knock !! who's there ?? OLD SCHOOL SUGDEN
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Numbers speak volumes .

2008 - - - - - - - 2009

0kg - IFSA Log - 152.5kg
0kg - Farmers - 150kg
0kg - Yoke - - - 350kg
0kg - Duck Walk - 200kg
0kg - Circus DB - 91kg
0kg - Axle C&P - 155kg
0kg - Atlas Stone - 194kg

5th in Uks @ 105kg and 2 Comp Wins .. Happy

However i`ve spent that long this year trying to figure out how to do the Events that Strength wise i`ve only improved 10kg Deadlift and Zero Squat ..
little_aIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:51 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
Member 43, 14374 posts
MarkClegg said:0kg - Axle C&P - 155kg

You know I'm taking credit for at least 30K of this mate?Wink
MarkCleggIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:55 
knock knock !! who's there ?? OLD SCHOOL SUGDEN
Member 212, 11439 posts
SQ 325, BP 212.5, DL 370
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little_a said:
You know I'm taking credit for at least 30K of this mate?Wink

Its ALL yours mate Tongue
MattGriffIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:56 
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Mainly getting over shoulder injuries and having physio.

Overhead pressing has gone from nothing to reasonable so happy enough there.

First strongman comp under the belt so that cherry is broken.

Squatted over 800lbs in comp so happy with that.

Deadlift feels very strong at the moment - again good.

Started doing what I should and getting some technique to my general bull headedness - and it seems to be paying off.

Got oly shoes, learnt to front squat - its all been good since.

2010 is the year for lifting stuff up, doing some more strongman shows and finding my feet with it.

Maybe annoying some 125's at the BPC British if I can be fussed to put kit on.

Annoying Cleggy and Litter by bugging them for help on Oly lifts but secretly they love it as a stinky has seen the light.
jamieaIcon...17-12-2009 @ 11:57 
has perfected the anvil roll
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powerlifting wise my bench has stayed same, squats gone up 10kg, deadlift has stayed same on paper but im a lot more consistant in hitting 260+.

Strongman wise my stones have gone from s**t to average and my floor to overheads took a big jump.

Competition wise pleased with all my attempts at the big boys comps, feel I let myself down in englands under 90 and the medley at the dragons the tyre should have beenmuch better. Feel I let myself down at the british full power and singles mainly by not having any structured plan to my training.

keeping my weight down under 90 restricted me as once i went upto 93+ my strength took a big jump.
WILLSANIcon...17-12-2009 @ 12:08 
Trump will get another four years
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Post Edited: 17.12.2009 @ 12:11 PM by WILLSAN
started the year well with a good build up to ssm. sugdens didnt go quite to plan but I didnt place to badly. had an abysmal performance at the mids qualifier but qualified by the skin of my teeth. injured my back which I carried for the rest of the year. average performances at barnards, englands 105 and the melton fun day all affected by the injury. back pain has improved towards the end of the year and the pb's have been flowing steadily since.

wasnt overly happy with any of my performances in competition this year but still managed to place better than in 08 in mostly higher standard competition.
ThingIcon...17-12-2009 @ 12:30 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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2009 in a nutshell

Pressing got stronger
Fronties getting back to normal
Back still f**ked but not as bad as before.
got most of my own kit now
back training in a ice box.


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