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Hip flexor pain

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anon20190916Icon/27-03-2011 @ 17:05 
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mikeypIcon...27-03-2011 @ 19:09 
bollocks to global warming
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Luke_Solomi said:I haven't squatted or done anything lower in 3 days, and I noticed a lot of pain in my right hip flexor after my pulling session.

It hurts the most when I try and raise my leg, and it sometimes gives me minor pain when I walk.

Could it be a tear? And I don't see what would have caused it

Just rest it until most of the pain subsides, may take another few days or a week, then start light and work within your pain threshold. Just sounds like a tweak, if it was a tear you would be seeing a lot of bruising under the skin I would've thought by now.

I wouldn't stretch it until the pain subsides, let it heal then start to stretch.
FAT_SAMIcon...28-03-2011 @ 14:21 
more like 'FAT TROLL'
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Luke_Solomi said:I noticed a lot of pain in my right hip flexor after my pulling session.

Did you 'pull' a fat bird?

Could explain the hip flexor issue if you did.

Tongue Wink
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