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Help with squats

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hratIconHelp with squats09-09-2011 @ 10:29 
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SQ 102.5, BP 50, DL 140
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Been running into the same problem for a while now, of caving knees, shooting my arse back, rounding my back and ditching overhead.
In June I struggled a bit with 90 for 3 and failed 102.5 in a comp. Yesterday I struggled but muscled out (bit of a bad day) 95x3 yet I keep doing the same ditch with 100
Vids f 95x3 and 100xF from yesterday;

The 95 are hideous, was having a bad day, not usually near that bad. But shows exactly how I fail. Couple questions; angle is bad, but does that stance look stupidly narrow? Is there trick to driving arse up not back? How to fix knee caving (except by dropping the weight)?

Ta for any thoughts.
philnoskoIcon...09-09-2011 @ 10:52 
Member 177, 1039 posts
SQ 230, BP 155, DL 300
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Your technique certainly needs some help!

My own thoughts are if you are struggling with bad technique then you shouldnt be doing low reps, or certainly not a weight so close to what your maximum is. I would ditch the knee wraps for the time being. With regards to your stance, try taking it out a bit wider. Your toes are pointing out which is good, but you have to make a real conscious effort to make your knees track over your toes, much easier done with a lighter weight. It may be you have weak abductor muscles, so try some exercises to strengthen these. Also squats should be part of a well rounded routine so make sure you are strengthening all the leg and core muscles with stiff legged deadlifts, front squats, weighted ab work etc... Also, keep your elbows tucked down when you squat as yours are pointing way back.

Im sure others can give you more pointers than this, just my own thoughts really. Good luck.
philnoskoIcon...09-09-2011 @ 10:54 
Member 177, 1039 posts
SQ 230, BP 155, DL 300
685.0 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
Its hard to see the bar placement on your back so perhaps experiment with different placements eg lower down, higher up etc...
hratIcon...09-09-2011 @ 11:00 
Member 2272, 339 posts
SQ 102.5, BP 50, DL 140
292.5 kgs @ 65kgs UnEq
Heh, I swear it's usually much, much better. That was a limit set on a bad day; everything wrong is really exaggerated. The back rounding especially, hasn't happened any previous sets except 1RMs, and normally wouldn't even have tried reps 2 and 3 but I was annoyed.
Vid here,-learn-to-b...
is more like my usual "ugly" reps
davycummingsIcon...09-09-2011 @ 11:04 
he's got betty davis eyes
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I agree a vid looking at bar placement might help. there is certainly an issue with how you hold the bar as your elbows are way too far back, which will quite likely be a big factor in your rounding forward. Once you have rounded forward it is much harder to push the hips through to drive up, and you end up lifting with your back, a bit more like a good morning.

I would experiment with stance, but I think you might have more changes to make with your upper body than lower to begin with. If you can get your elbows under the bar, pin your head back and push your chest out it should help your position a lot.
GettinFatStrongIcon...09-09-2011 @ 12:38 
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lol thats the same as my form when i go heavy
n1ckIcon...09-09-2011 @ 14:42 
I don't have a plunger !
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Stand a couple of inches away from a wall facing it,squat without your face touching it, you will be forced to stick your arse out more and push your knees out.
ShaunIcon...09-09-2011 @ 15:08 
Member 1668, 1499 posts
SQ 186, BP 102, DL 211
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Post Edited: 09.09.2011 @ 15:09 PM by Shaun
Make a conscious effort to spread the knees. Keep your chest up and lower the weight.

Probably use a wider stance and lower bar position as well.
ThingIcon...09-09-2011 @ 15:23 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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another way to help the knee is to have a rubber band around them so when you squats you have to keep the band for pulling you knee's in

if you notice on the second vid that she is forced into tracking the knee over the foot and this stops the knee caving in.
Funky_monkeyIcon...09-09-2011 @ 15:26 
1kg of lamb chops is a days wages over here
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I'd definitely go wider as it will allow you to push your knees out more. I'd also add some front squats as it will force you to keep your chest and head up, the rest should follow through. You might be hamstring dominant which is why you're leaning forwards to get more hams involved, front squats will also fix this. I'm not a massive fan of box squats but they should also help to teach/force you to sit back with your head and chest up.
WiegieboardIcon...09-09-2011 @ 16:33 
as crimson as my last victims underclothing.....
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fctilidieIcon...09-09-2011 @ 18:12 
Grandad Goatse
Member 2494, 5023 posts
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That video response from Wiegieboard said most of what I thought when I saw the video. It looks like you're using a high bar position but then trying to break at the hips that it more common with the low bar position and it's throwing you off at the bottom of the squat. Also try and get your elbows under the bar more.
hratIcon...09-09-2011 @ 22:56 
Member 2272, 339 posts
SQ 102.5, BP 50, DL 140
292.5 kgs @ 65kgs UnEq
Great explanation, cheers wiegie. I'll have a crack next week and try and get some more vids. Hopefully something I'm not embarrassed to upload this time. I'll try the band thing as well, because the knee caving has been a problem for far too long, with many different style variations.

(I was a kinda expecting a more 'lol they're sh*t, drop the weight and do it right' response Shouldn't browse I guess )
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