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GymbobIconGarage gym16-02-2015 @ 19:20 
night gymbob...night billygoat
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Hey just wanted to ask if it was a good idea to put plastic sheeting under my stall matts on the concrete floor or is it not really needed? I have seen a few people doing it something to do with the moisture?

Also wanted to ask if anyone can advise me on a decent bench/with a good size back pad not the short length ones. Which is fairly cheap, for example does anyone have this one that can say any reviews?
BoarIcon...16-02-2015 @ 19:24 
Walk your talk
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i have never really had a problem with the rubber mats on my floor (its concrete flags) and that bench looks nice, i got the one from ebay that was 39.90 incline but it does what i want.

i love my shed
MidEIcon...16-02-2015 @ 19:36 
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Never heard about the plastic sheeting before. I've just got stable mats down in my garage and haven't had a problem... That I know of
Alex76Icon...16-02-2015 @ 22:51 
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One thing I'd definitely recommend is sealing the floor with something like Ronseal Concrete Seal. Otherwise, even with mats laid over it, the floor will produce a lot of dust.
paul_richardsIcon...17-02-2015 @ 12:37 
I personally prefer the stiffest possible.
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I got stable grade rubber matting and its fine
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