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OwplattIconGain Train04-02-2016 @ 21:48 
Member 5677, 7 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 250
610.0 kgs @ 92kgs UnEq
Starting a new routine

Its basically working on different rep ranges each week I'm planning 5,3,1,2 cycle.

4 days a week to hit one of the main lifts each time.

My aim is to hit a new PB each time, but in very small increments.

e.g.5 reps at 170 if I succeed with good form will try 172.5 at next cycle.

I'm also eating like a mother trucker.

just wanted your guys opinions on the idea. I got the idea after seeing Tom Martin basically hit a new PB everyday but in various forms not just 1 rep maxs.
dannyboy73Icon...05-02-2016 @ 15:58 
Mask it or Casket !!
Member 4600, 8166 posts
SQ 240, BP 162.5, DL 255
657.5 kgs @ 90.5kgs UnEq
Good luck. Happy

I foinded 5-3-1 very taxing last year but still hit 255 putting 15k on my previous pb of err....240 for 8 years!
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