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Front Squats to a Box

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Benfrancis1993IconFront Squats to a Box10-12-2013 @ 00:56 
Cut toe in half = bad day.
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Im seeing Box Front Squats everywhere at the minute it seems,

How are these more beneficial than normal fronties?

Grasshopper1409Icon...11-12-2013 @ 03:41 
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Ive been doing pause front squats, with a low box just for depth indication. ill go down and touch the box, without completely sitting, keeping the tension on the legs mostly. after a long second, explode up. moderate reps, from 5-10. by holding the bottom position, it improved my core strength to hold that upright posture. Ive had much better gains this way than just doing a touch and go front squat.
MarkIcon...12-12-2013 @ 20:47 
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I asked the question on explosiveness for overhead. RIP MJ
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