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Fraserburgh Strongman report

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JoniIconFraserburgh Strongman report21-05-2007 @ 11:07 
left the country satisfied
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Post Edited: 23.05.2007 @ 10:17 AM
Fraserburgh comp is now done and I kind of survived it.

The day was a rollercoaster ride with its highs and lows. Some severe disappointments and mistakes and some moments which I can call real achievements.

Training in the past two months with this comp in mind has been exellent, been stronger than ever before and it gave me real focus. The actual contest prep could have gone better and I learned a lot from it.

Anyway, heres my account event by event. The events changed a bit because organisers had to think on their feet due to changing circimstances. In all the comp was exellently run and there were loads of spectators which was a bit daunting for a newbie like me Happy

Farmers walk, 120kg per hand

Disaster start for me. This was supposed to be a strong event, regurarly I do 20+m runs in training with a turn, but on the day something went really weirdly wrong and the left implement was like trying to hold on to an eel. It kept slipping without warning, couldn't even fight it out. Maybe I didnt use enough chalk or something, maybe the nerves just shut my left hand down, who knows. Last place, 15th out of 15.

Medley: 125kg keg for 25m and then 420kg tyre flipping

Placing last means you go first, which is never a good place to start from. Keg was no problem so I attacked the tyre from the start. At this point I noticed that it was smooth like a babys bum, no place to grip. I found some places for my fingertips and lifted the tyre knee height, maybe touch higher, got a knee under it and started fighting it higher and higher. I cant describe how hard this was, the hardest single thing I have ever done in any event or a lift. It took ages, and I wanted to give up several times. I heard Kryptonite V shouting on one side, and the spotters and refs edging me on the other. I dont think many people thought i could nail that tyre. Looking at the video I wouldnt have believed it would go.

But in the end, 55 second later, it did.

Collapsed after that struggle. Could not breathe, talk, anything. My hamstrings, biceps, lower back, abs were all cramping and painful. Guys were telling me not to lie down or i wont be able to get up. So i got up and tried to keep moving. Also used muscle heat on pretty much all areas and ibuprofein on my lower back which felt like it was done. Did some light stretching and mobility stuff for it and after a while it started loosening up. It was a blessing in disguise I was first up to go on the medley and then placing a wee bit higher in this event didnt have to go first on the log. That gave me enough time to get myself together again.

The rep with the tyre may have drained me for the rest of the day, and everything after this was really painful, but it was definitely the highlight of the day for me.


Log press, 100kg, floor to overhead, 75 seconds

At this point I was not in high spirits. But I needed to forget about the past events and start focusing on the ones before me. Infamous Riot Training Pimp Slap to the rescue, Swinton delivered a quality pimp slap which got me so fired I was ready to go. Walked to the log where Big Al told me that its actually not my turn yet Grin

Never mind, back to Swinton for ear wedge and nailed solid two reps failing on third which I was really happy for considering how bloody painful it was due to all the sore muscles from the tyre flip!

Video, its side ways, sorry about that:

Husafelt stone, 170-180kg for distance

This was done outside. It was the very same stone which has been used in World Strongest Man competitions and which Jouko Ahola used to win the event when he nailed the WSM title! That finnish connection didn't help, i could not even get it off the floor enough to start walking with it! Made a mistake trying to grab it low, should have just held it in the end of my hands to get maybe 1-2 metres. I was among the 5 who could not break the starting line with it.

Farmers hold for max time

Well, the disaster that was farmers walk made me think I should be happy to get 10 seconds on this one.

But when I picked them up they felt solid. Held them for 40 seconds, very happy about that one.


Stones: 80, 90, 110, 120, 130kg

At this point I was a wreck, totally drained. Attacked the stones with everything I got. Every stone, even the light 80kg one, was very painful, especially on my biceps and abs. Somehow I got the first four and the 130kg one didnt even budge off the floor. Have to be pleased about that though.


Overall I was disappointed about my performance, but in reality thats only the farmers. Everything else did go almost as good as it could all things considered. The comp was heavy and draining, no doubt about that, but it was great to share the platform with some great athletes and learn along the way.

The comp was well run, great venue and good amount of folk watching. Respect and thanks to the organisers and their work!

My next comp is the Edinburgh Vegan Strength next weekend. After that, in three weeks time there is Severn Valley Novice comp. I will give myself couple days to lick my wounds and feel sorry for myself and then its back into the game again.

Extra shoutout for Jonathan for putting in a solid performance, please Jono, post your report here as well mate.
RobIcon...21-05-2007 @ 12:06 
Does f*ck all for
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Quality stuff mate, you stepped onto a big stage and put in a solid performance - it takes a lot of balls to do that. You will be a lot stronger both physically and mentally in the long run for doing it.

Definitely don't be disappointed, it was a massive leap up from your last comp and just think how much progress you have made since then.
JonathanIcon...21-05-2007 @ 13:24 
the Ergbreaker
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Well done Joni - top performance mate, especially on the log and the tyre!

Here is a report of my day!

It didn't start that well, as I didn't sleep for more than about 6 hours, and had the night before tweaked the right side of my back. Oh well, nothing is ever perfect!

Got there with plenty of time - loads of bulls**tting and cammeradery.

For me the competition was a mixture of good and bad events, with thankfully more good events.

The atmosphere was pretty good too. The strongman is part of the 'Blue Lights Festival' where all the emergency services do expositions and demonstrations. So loads of folk there, including a good 100-150 dedicated strongman supporters.

A total of 15 competitors, myself included.

Event one - farmer's walk:

This was 120kg each hand for 40m with one turn in the fastest time. It seemed to me to be a little further than 20m, but hey, you do what you are told to do! Multiple pickups were permitted within the 75second time limit, but I was the only guy to make the whole course without a single drop. Made my day that! I wasn't the fastest (5th) but everyone else dropped it!

Event two - medley:

This was changed from duckwalk to 120kg keg carry, which was very easy and then a 420kg tyre, which was not. I could not move that bas***d - it is like the one at Markinch, but completely bald, with nothing to grip onto. Never mind, I wasn't the only person not to flip it, though I did pull my left glute a little.

Event three - log press:

100kg log, floor to overhead, max reps in 75seconds.

Again, a bad event for me. This is pretty much right on my max, and I couldn't lock out a rep. Lesson to take from this is triceps and eat, eat and triceps. The focus for the next wee while.

Then we breaked for 40minutes.

Event four - husafelt stone:

The beast, the monster, the giant - this is THE stone that has been used in WSM. It weighs 175kg, and you had to get it off the floor and up. I only managed about 3metres with it, but a full 5 guys couldn't even get it off the floor! For me the pickup was max effort and any walking was a bonus! I think that I came about 8th in this, plus I was the first one to go.

Event five - farmer's holds:

This was in substitute of a jeep hold.

Very good event for me. 120kg each hand, and I held it for 50.27seconds, which got me fourth place and a 20second pb!

Event six - stones:

Outside again, in light rain. 5 stones to a 4ft platform. The stones were 80, 90, 110, 120, 130. I did them all, in an OK time! It was very hard, especially the last stone, which was maximum effort. Great stuff though - I think only about 5-6 guys loaded them all, and I was not the slowest.

So in the end I place joint 9th out of 15, which has me very happy. I hoped at best to make 10th. I know my weaknesses and what I really need to work on and I shall come back stronger at the next comp in August.

HaydenIcon...21-05-2007 @ 13:35 
memories , like the corners of my mind ....
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Well done fellas. The fact you even entered the competition deserves respect in itself. Joni that tyre flip looked brutal, i could swear i was out of breath at the end of watching it lol.
RoscoIcon...21-05-2007 @ 15:29 
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Hey Joni,

Just laughing at your report, that tyre is actually from our gym in Aberdeen, and yes it is a TOTAL slag to flip, very very smooth!! Was really good to see you guys again, hope the trip up here was worth it!! Grin
CuddlesIcon...21-05-2007 @ 16:33 
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Great stuff guys!

Much respect to both of you for entering a comp that was without doubt a step up from what youve done before!
JoniIcon...21-05-2007 @ 16:53 
left the country satisfied
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thanks guys. I think you are right that this was a bigger boys comp and should have a different level of expectations and criterias of success. In all, it was an awesome day, you had to take the bad with the good. I think the reason why i nailed that tyre was because the farmers were such a disappointment - call it a quick and severe punishment in my case Grin

Rosco it was great to meet you again mate, and to experience the infamous Riot Training Pimp Slap & wedge Grin

I am not joking, i am an absolute wreck still and struggling to eat solids at the moment. Will come back stronger though.
littlegirlbunnyIcon...21-05-2007 @ 18:14 
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Great work both of you guys!

Joni - that tyre looked like the hardest rep I have ever seen anyone do - no wonder you were f**ked after that! It took so long - but so impressed you did it! I would have given up after about 10 seconds Grin

Real bad luck about having a difficult first event - it must affect you mentally, even if you really try to block it out. Yet you still went on to finish the comp. Very impressive Grin

Jono - 9th place is brilliant! Great work! You have so much potential, and like you say, you know what your weaknesses are now, so you can go away and work on them and then come back on storming form again in August Happy
TonyIcon...21-05-2007 @ 19:34 
Is partial to the odd bender.
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Post Edited: 21.05.2007 @ 19:35 PM
No need to feel sorry for yourself Joni. You did a standup job, its all about experience and it sounds like you got alot of that.

That tire flip was brutal. You must have one massive set of balls.
tokarIcon...21-05-2007 @ 20:26 
Невыносимо Высокомерный (RIP)
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Post Edited: 21.05.2007 @ 23:00 PM
Great stuff guys!

Joni, you should so not be disappointed! That tyre flip was awesome - even having read that you got it, I still thought it was going down at one point!

Make sure you take enough time off now!

What's this Edinburgh Vegan Strength event? Do you have to have a certificate proving you're vegan to enter?
RickIcon...21-05-2007 @ 20:40 
I am a bench-only guy
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Absolutely superbly done, man. I hope you live Wink.
JonathanIcon...21-05-2007 @ 21:04 
the Ergbreaker
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Tokar - no certificate mate! Tongue

It's just something that we organised last year through and got about 20 people there doing powerlifting and strongman. We are much better kitted out this year, but sadly have a few less folk coming.

LGB - thankyou! Tongue The potential I may or may not have depends entirely on if I can stop being a f**king wuse and cram myself full of food!

BoarIcon...21-05-2007 @ 21:19 
Walk your talk
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good stuff joni, I enjoyed the vids, Its all good experience mate !!!

keep on keepin on !!!
McLarenIcon...21-05-2007 @ 21:26 
Yet another dieter
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Gutted I didnt come up to the broch. Would have enjoyed meeting you. Looks like you did really well. I wouldn't have flipped that tyre thats for sure.
WogihaoIcon...21-05-2007 @ 22:50 
Has turned into a fucking nobhead - any guesses as to what caused it ??
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Joni you did great, dont let anyone take that away from you - you had the balls to compete use the experence for your future training and comps.

big well done!


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