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Elite British sytrongman challenge final 2013

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elitestrongmanIconElite British sytrongman challenge final 201305-09-2013 @ 21:49 
thats the way I do it, don't like it not my prob
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Post Edited: 06.09.2013 @ 00:06 AM by elitestrongman
North East Truck & Van Elite British Strongman Challenge final 2013 (this is the qualifier for 2014 Arnolds AM worlds)
Venue: The Green, Billingham, Teesside, TS23 1EN
Date: sunday 15-9-2013
Starts 1pm

26 tonne truck pull
365kg Tyre flip
Pendulum press 130kg
Van deadlift 325kg
250kg Farmers 4 distance
Stones: 130 145 160 175 200kg

Allen McGee of Spennymoor
Tom Shaw of Newcastle
Paddy Mcmhon of Lancaster
Jason Pittuck ofNorthampton
Wayne Tunstall of Chester
Brett White of Nottingham
Dane Taylor of Nottingham
Sean O'hagan of Coventry
Simon Johnson of Wales
Euros Garmon of Wales
Mark jeanes of Wales
TBC of Wales
John Pollocks of Scotland
Ben Prowers of Scotland
sexymikehowarthIcon...05-09-2013 @ 21:55 
Full mask or nasal and chin strap?
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Think it needs a date on there

Good luck McGee hope it makes top five in that field!
bertieIcon...07-09-2013 @ 10:20 
I work as a boner
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sexymikehowarth said:Think it needs a date on there

Good luck McGee hope it makes top five in that field!

Yeah it'll be a nice end to his strongman, before he starts his new venture in crossfit. Eek
big_al_mcgeeIcon...08-09-2013 @ 19:31 
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Thanks lads. Bertie is right about me moving over to crossfit after this comp. Been training it for just over a month now. Its harder then it looks. Have to try my luck in crossfit and see how far i can go. If it does not workout for me. I will come back to strongman as an u90.
ForbyIcon...08-09-2013 @ 20:30 
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you would do well under 90 m8
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