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Dumfries Novice Strongman results

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JonathanIconDumfries Novice Strongman results02-09-2007 @ 20:06 
the Ergbreaker
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Just got back from a cracking day down at Dumfries competing in the Dumfries and Galloway Novice Competition.

Turnout was huge, with 19 guys competing. A fair few spectators too. The weather was great, after an initial bit of drizzle, and overall the atmosphere was excellent.

I'll do an event by event run down:

Event one - viking press (100kg in hands):

I have only tried viking press once before, and only got 6 reps with it, which was more or less maximum effort. I have rested all week, and it felt much lilghter today!

13 reps

Couldn't believe that I got so many - really genuinly shocked!

This put me in 3rd place in the event, with the two guys ahead got 15 and 16 reps.

Event two - car deadlift:

Never a strong event for me, but at the same time, not a weak one. The car was probably a little bit too light, and I nailed 20 reps, which gave me about 7-8th place, which is better than I had hoped for. I would guess the weight was about 200-220kg. Overall placing was still 3rd at this point.

Event three - Conan's wheel (250kg):

This hasn't been good to me in the past in competitions, but the set up today was good - good pickup height, stable equipment etc. Feeling a bit depleted at this point, and upon picking up the conans, came within striking range of passing out. I think it's because of where it presses on my chest too. Anyway, first lap was super easy, but lost the bar position 1/2 way round the next one, and ended on two laps exactly. About 9th place in this. 4th overall at this point.

Event four - Medley:

Always a good one for me, especially as the weights were fairly light (with the exception of the chain). Iron cross for 20m (135kg), farmers for 20m (100kg each hand) and 250kg chain for 10m.

Iron cross and farmers were really easy (27sec for both of them), but the chain is a killer. Not that heavy, but rough tarmac and huge links. Made the 10m with two brief stops and until the last guy came up, I was the only person to complete the course. Alan Sneddon beat me by 14 seconds (the scumbag!) but placed 2nd in this event. 3rd overall, though only by a single point.

Event five - stones:

Light stones today, so main focus was speed. 85, 90, 100, 110 and 135kg. Before me, only 2 guys had loaded the last stone (including the guy in 4th, in 33 seconds) so I knew I had to get them all, and quite fast too. Attacked all the stones, and went much faster than I usually do, and made all of them in 27 seconds. Really happy with that too! The two guys ahead of me in the points both beat me on time in loading all five, but then I didn't have a chance of catching them anyway!

So overall 3RD PLACE out of 19 - even got a wee trophy. Really really chuffed - I was dancing around like an idiot afterwards (my peer group was not impressed! Embarassedops: ).

I'll get photos and videos up later this evening.

madcapIcon...02-09-2007 @ 20:15 
Squat rack hog
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awesome stuff mate! good work! Any vids or pics to follow?
HaydenIcon...02-09-2007 @ 20:16 
memories , like the corners of my mind ....
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Nice mate. Thats an awesome result.

Was there a guy with a surname of 'loof' there?
TonyIcon...02-09-2007 @ 20:18 
Is partial to the odd bender.
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Well done mate.

The Sugden Trophy cabinet continues to grow.
WogihaoIcon...02-09-2007 @ 20:23 
Has turned into a fucking nobhead - any guesses as to what caused it ??
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Good stuff!
Martin1956Icon...02-09-2007 @ 20:58 
Old Age Presser
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Well done!
EDCLARKEIcon...02-09-2007 @ 21:10 
not particularly well educated
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well done!
Martin1956Icon...02-09-2007 @ 21:45 
Old Age Presser
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Originally posted by EDCLARKE...
well done!

JoniIcon...02-09-2007 @ 21:56 
left the country satisfied
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Didnt spot this thread, posted my report of the day to my log as well Grin
JonathanIcon...02-09-2007 @ 22:11 
the Ergbreaker
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Here are the videos from my events:

Viking press:

Car deadlift:



Stones (ran out of memory card space, so only the first three stones):

Enjoy - sorry for the lack of sound - our camera is about to be pensioned off, but we thought we'd take it out for one last mission.
CuddlesIcon...03-09-2007 @ 10:19 
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NICE! Good work Jono, the hard work seems to be paying off. Look forward to seeing how your off season goes.
RickIcon...03-09-2007 @ 12:54 
I am a bench-only guy
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Well done mate!
RobIcon...13-09-2007 @ 12:35 
Does f*ck all for
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Bit late on this thread but top work Jono, very nice placing!
SparrowIcon...13-09-2007 @ 21:33 
always lookIng for the extra UT2 work.
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Nice work Jono!

Not too bad anyway for a skinny ripper (a 20 stone one at that!).
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