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Decent gyms in (or near to) salford quays

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MarsbarIconDecent gyms in (or near to) salford quays03-02-2010 @ 18:11 
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Anyone know any decent gyms in or near to salford quays. Only ones I can seem to find is an Esporta and a council run one (fit city). Need somewhere that opens at 6-7am so i can train before work.
BoarIcon...03-02-2010 @ 18:19 
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there is that gym just near the shopping centre , roughly at the top end of langworthy road - cant quite remember the name but its just where the a6 meets cromwell rd , probably 5 mins in a car

will get the name if i lube my brain a bit
BoarIcon...03-02-2010 @ 18:25 
Walk your talk
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Post Edited: 03.02.2010 @ 18:25 PM by Boar
Flex n Tone Gym
Kingston Mill Cobden St Salford,
M6 6WF

its actually a SOLID gym , not sure about the CRAZY training time tho ... i start work at 5.30 am and no man should be up that early unless he is working or mabie going to kidnap a paperboy
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