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Concrete slab for a lifting platform

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uzaladIconConcrete slab for a lifting platform31-05-2014 @ 14:20 
not hilarious
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I'm going to be concreting out an area of my garden to practice the weightlifting on. I have basically no first hand knowledge of how to do this, but thankfully my dad has done a bit for building garden sheds on in the past, however this will obviously have to put up with a bit more than the average garden shed.

So my questions are:
Is there any particular type of cement/concrete/aggregate that I should use?
Would I then need a full lifting platform? would horse stall mats be enough?
GingyIcon...31-05-2014 @ 14:24 
concept 2 guru
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Post Edited: 31.05.2014 @ 14:24 PM by Gingy
I'd get something with wood then rubber ( you can make it yourself) or the concrete might crack. Very thick mats might be enough...
richiebevanIcon...31-05-2014 @ 18:01 
suited and strapped
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I've done this, now cracked even through 4 rubber door mats per side.

I'm going to fill the gaps and get some solid 25mm mats
uzaladIcon...01-06-2014 @ 08:52 
not hilarious
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sounds like I'll be building a platform as well then.
beng30Icon...05-06-2014 @ 19:57 
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Put rebar in the concrete as well to help it hold together, water your concrete as it dries the quicker it dries the more it shrinks and the weaker it is.
JohnIconwhat id do :-)05-06-2014 @ 20:15 
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I'd use a very fine hardcore and there is a specific type of cement powder you can use,also how do I put this but there is a vibrator you can use to take all the bubbles out and shakes it up the concrete should set real solid I'd then use plyboard with rubber matting on top and wooden Batton around the edges,also make sure all timber exposed to the elements are weather treated that's what I'd do hope this helps :-) :-) I'm assuming you need to build a base otherwise just use ply and matting, if you use just concreate it will crack unfortunately
uzaladIcon...07-06-2014 @ 15:12 
not hilarious
Member 1977, 149 posts
SQ 150, BP 1, DL 215
366.0 kgs @ 77kgs UnEq
Thanks guys, I've taken it all on board and will be getting this done within the next few weeks hopefully.
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