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TheIAINMIconCompeting In Powerlifting05-10-2009 @ 13:02 
used to box thais for work for 9 years
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fair enough,a good guide and plenty to think about. i think people do realise a lot of this, however, totally lose the plot under comp stress etc. its good to have the basics spelt out, so you keep it all at the front of your mind, i was an international pro kickboxer for nearly ten years before coming to the world of powerlifting and its exactly the same, people running up and down a hall before a thai boxing match to warm up then wondering why they run out of steam in the first round - doh! Happy
a lot of sense spoken here, thanks mateHappy
WiegieboardIcon...03-11-2009 @ 16:34 
as crimson as my last victims underclothing.....
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Post Edited: 03.11.2009 @ 16:35 PM by Wiegieboard
Enjoyed reading this.
It should really get people into the mindset of how relaxed they should be before competing.
I wrestled for many years and it's so similar. To do my best, I needed to keep that calm up until my preparation to go on the mat. Then it's go time.
JCIcon...03-11-2009 @ 16:36 
technical retard
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Wiegieboard said:Enjoyed reading this.
I wrestled for many years and it's so similar.

Who did you face? Hulk, Ultimate Warrior, Baptista?
MattGriffIcon...04-11-2009 @ 13:36 
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JC said:
Who did you face? Hulk, Ultimate Warrior, Baptista?


Special move, the face grabbing head dunk?
Beard_Of_IronIcon...04-11-2009 @ 14:03 
Head of Department, Ministry of Beards
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Julio Baptista has been hitting up the JC-approved preacher curls..
IainKendrickIcon...26-11-2009 @ 13:15 
some nice relaxing jazz.
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JC said:


Thats Dave to you
AdamTIcon...22-05-2014 @ 15:32 
AKA the great reset
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Just adding a comment to this old thread. That was a fantastic read and it has many good pointers for competing.
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