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Chester Strongman Competition August 2014

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StellaIcon...28-12-2013 @ 14:04 
Member 4862, 1 posts
I think my name is down provisionally for womens u63 but just in case, please add my name Stella Sewell. Thanks!
beng30Icon...30-12-2013 @ 07:41 
Member 1149, 23 posts
SQ 170, BP 110, DL 240
520.0 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
If still space can you put me down for Novice,
Ben Grant 1 first timers comp.
bazzerIcon...30-12-2013 @ 18:30 
Member 5011, 1 posts
Hi is there room in the novices this is my first comp thanks
GOONAIcon...06-01-2014 @ 10:38 
Member 1128, 58 posts
SQ 187.5, BP 175, DL 295
657.5 kgs @ 125kgs UnEq
try add a carry and drag in there if you can
kev77Icon...07-01-2014 @ 14:42 
Member 2615, 8 posts
SQ 220, BP 180, DL 270
670.0 kgs @ 104.8kgs UnEq
Hi there can you put me down for the novive please Kevin Morris have done a few comps but only one in the last year at this level cheers.
samurai69Icon...09-01-2014 @ 09:58 
Member 1326, 206 posts
SQ 180, BP 120, DL 235
535.0 kgs @ 100kgs UnEq
I am out of this comp i think, Ruptured my Bicep Tendon, wont be strong enough for inters, though wife is still looking to compete Paul Joseph/inters....out, Julie Joseph still interested in ladies comp
whiterhino1IconChester strongman comp12-01-2014 @ 20:19 
Member 4643, 3 posts
SQ 330, BP 230, DL 360
920.0 kgs @ 130kgs UnEq
Hi can you put my name down for opens please, thanks Matt Heys.
whiterhino1IconChester strongman comp12-01-2014 @ 20:21 
Member 4643, 3 posts
SQ 330, BP 230, DL 360
920.0 kgs @ 130kgs UnEq
Hi can you put my name down for opens please, thanks Matt Heys.
steelanddoughIcon...17-01-2014 @ 08:01 
Member 4973, 1 posts
Hey! Can you put me down for the women's comp please? Emma-Lee Yarwood :-)

Ta muchly
TyanahIconHow to register for ladies comp20-01-2014 @ 10:03 
Member 5115, 1 posts
Hi how do we register for the ladies comp please?

bigjosh86Icon...21-01-2014 @ 17:17 
Member 4883, 3 posts
SQ 200, BP 190, DL 260
650.0 kgs @ 114kgs UnEq
I pm'd on the 7th for a place in inters any chance of a place?
RUBY81IconEntry.05-02-2014 @ 12:00 
Member 5157, 1 posts
SQ 200, BP 225, DL 220
645.0 kgs @ 154kgs Eq
Is there still room to enter the novice comp. This would be my fist competition.
littlegIcon...01-03-2014 @ 16:39 
Member 5211, 1 posts
Is there a place for me for the ladies comp.?
I'm from Belgium and I've done 1 strongman comp. and 1 truck pull comp.

Gülsün Akman
VinnyJonesIcon...18-03-2014 @ 17:34 
Who said it's hardcore?
Member 3896, 847 posts
SQ 265, BP 150, DL 320
735.0 kgs @ 128kgs UnEq
It is with great regret that I have to inform Sugden members that the Chester competition will not be going ahead.

I tried to put on a competition which was different but despite my best attempts I keep being priced out of the land for use and keep experiencing a lot of red tape from the local council over health and safety issues. Chester Cit Football Club were good with the initial negotiations but my emails keep being ignored now so I am left with the issue of where else to hold the comp. As I have no other viable alternative considering the scale and events, I have to cancel the competition.

I have experienced cancellations and changes to schedules in the past as a competitor so I know how desperate people feel when they have been prepping for a comp but I left it as late as possible to try and raise the funds required to make the event go ahead.

I have lost a little bit of cash with an initial deposit for the grounds and I hope to reclaim this back but not convinced.

My apologies to all concerned and my thanks to all of the sponsors who came forward to help with the event. I hope to put something on for Christmas.

No competitor payments have been received.


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