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Cheap barbell for weightlifting advice please

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TrwIconCheap barbell for weightlifting advice please24-09-2016 @ 11:34 
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Am after a decent but not too expensive bar for some beginner Olympic lifting in the garage. Have got cheap bumpers and a platform sorted.

Please can anyone offer advice on any of the following from personal experience - from my research the specs look to be good for the price?

Freedom strength bar currently on sale 153.99 new on eBay

UKSF Cronus barbell 162 new on eBay

Both seem to have decently rated steel and needle bearings so would hope them to be plenty good enough for my needs but any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated.

Freedom strength one looks better on paper but knurling stops short of the sleeves which I've read isn't the best for doing snatches.

hifiloverIcon...24-09-2016 @ 12:20 
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I have this:**...

And this:

Couldn't recommend them high enough!
General_illIcon...24-09-2016 @ 13:57 
3rd place Europes strongest man 2016 U90kg
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AOA all APB is very good. Aaron page and Tom hibbert use it for weightlifting. We have wolverston bison bars in the iron pit. Just have taken loads of abuse and are still pretty good.
KevC86Icon...24-09-2016 @ 16:20 
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Bison bars are the one, but they are a little pricier than the ones you are looking at.
TrwIcon...01-10-2016 @ 10:26 
Member 2592, 18 posts
SQ 232.5, BP 167.5, DL 262.5
662.5 kgs @ 118.6kgs UnEq
Thankyou all.

Think i'll save up a bit more cash and go for the bison.

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