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Buying tacky

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RHutsonIconBuying tacky11-06-2013 @ 23:50 
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SQ 180, BP 125, DL 227.5
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Got my first comp coming up in a month and need to get myself some tacky. Was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good one to get. Or are they all pretty much the same? Was looking on strength shop and there's a few different ones to choose from.
VanillaGorillaIcon...11-06-2013 @ 23:54 
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Personal preference as they are all different, and you'll get different answers!

Honeys leg wax. Cheap and very good, need hot water to soften thouh.
Dave ostlund cold weather, only one worth using when its cold
Dave ostlund elite, pretty good, needs heating and has tendency to pull off in my experience
Spider tack, expensive but very sticky and great if you like to plaster it everywhere. Can get runny when its hot
Handball wax, good for training, cheap, s**t when its hot.

Spider tack is my choice.
RHutsonIcon...12-06-2013 @ 00:04 
Member 4419, 89 posts
SQ 180, BP 125, DL 227.5
532.5 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
Brilliant reply exactly what I needed. Cheers mate, spider tack it is!
Ramsay777Icon...12-06-2013 @ 12:28 
Member 3942, 1107 posts
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Thanks for that VG, been looking into tacky myself and that was everything i wanted to know.
davycummingsIcon...12-06-2013 @ 12:53 
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I agree with VG's post mostly,

The temperature makes a huge difference. In winter here things like leg wax have set like toffee by the first stone no matter how much I heat it.

Even the cool weather can be like that if its really cold, particularly if the stones are cold.

I like spider tack, but find it is not great on dusty or wet stones, but then, none of them are really.

I now use the spider tack light rather than the comp grade, I get on better with it
MrSmallIcon...12-06-2013 @ 13:11 
Gone and easily forgotten.......
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I never used to have any problem with Elite tacky, either the all weather or regular, but then I didn't use masses of the stuff on my hands.
RodgerIcon...12-06-2013 @ 13:29 
salad dodger *missing*
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I do like spider tack (the normal - never tried the light I don't think) but I agree yes it does sometimes come off on dusty stones. I've had instances where I've had to re-tack every rep on the same weight stone
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