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Britain's strongest man 2016

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AdamTIcon...02-02-2016 @ 21:52 
AKA the great reset
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Post Edited: 02.02.2016 @ 21:53 PM by AdamT
Terminator said:I'd enjoy a similar bench set up in strongman as a one off Happy

Me too. It's no worse than a Viking Press and most people that have been to a gym, have bench pressed.

As already mentioned, 500lb for reps. Hall vs Radz.
PeteHodgsonIcon...02-02-2016 @ 22:28 
Has little understanding of the sugden
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In the 80's they did a log floor press once too.
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...02-02-2016 @ 23:41 
Has little understanding of the sport
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Viking Press is a million times better than bench!
The_Lone_WolfIcon...03-02-2016 @ 10:46 
I eat a lot of meat
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Unless it is a world record bench, nobody will be interested. Only a genuine world record breaking lift would get the fans aroused.
SteBennettIcon...06-02-2016 @ 09:47 
Average hamstring at best
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Just watched last year's bsm final again and it's made me realise how much ed has improved this year. The van was heavier this year but he managed an extra 3 reps, he made stones look much easier this year too. Only thing he's got worse on is conans but that'll be down to the weight gained


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