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Back injury-what is it, how do I never do it again

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hratIconBack injury-what is it, how do I never do it again10-01-2012 @ 21:46 
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(Disclaimer; I know I'm a prat, I've done far stupider things than round-back my DLs and probably will yet. )

I hurt my back over the last couple of weeks; it was fine before Xmas, but somewhere in 5 hour car journeys, sleeping on the floor, and jumping straight back to training, it got upset. It's to the left side, low down; I think facet joint (leaning back was stiff/painful, slouching was bad), but I've also had SI joint niggles in the past (putting trousers on standing up hurt).

Friday, either pressing or trying to ease it by hanging on pullup bar with a little weight, stuffed something up; left side of back was in spasm, could physically not straighten up, lot of pain. Ice, rest, ibuprofen, gentle walking over weekend; it now feels very slightly stiff but largely fine, better than last Tuesday even. There's a fair bit of clicking when I twist, I think because of residual tightness elsewhere.

Question; what could I have done that can ease this fast? And since I do not want to go through Friday again, how can I fix whatever's broken/ generally bombproof things?
JamesHIcon...10-01-2012 @ 22:06 
my buttocks hurt
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If it is SI joint I found lying on my back and carefully stretching my lower back helped. Look up SI joint hyperextension and you'll see what I mean. But whilst it is f**ked, rest is the priority. Don't be a total vegetable, waling etc is good. But going for an 'exploratory' deadlift session like some on here would is just retarded.

When it is fine, give it a few more days. then get back into things carefully and slowly.
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...10-01-2012 @ 22:40 
Has little understanding of the sport
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Hope it sorts itself out Unhappy

JamesH said:
But going for an 'exploratory' deadlift session like some on here would is just retarded.

While dosed up on painkillers!
plonkerIcon...10-01-2012 @ 22:50 
The world famous projectile vomit master
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stretching your hip flexors can in some cases instantly relieve lower back pain... if they are tight (which in a lot of people they are due to being sitting down most of the time) they can tilt your pelvis anteriorly.. sometimes resulting in lower back pain
siwaniakIcon...10-01-2012 @ 23:40 
Joni its very nice guy!
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Post Edited: 11.01.2012 @ 12:09 PM by siwaniak
Sorry to hear that
I hope You will be ok
I had back injury couple months ago(before UK's)
I using loads of deep heat,streching and loads of rest
Good luck
hratIcon...11-01-2012 @ 21:44 
Member 2272, 339 posts
SQ 102.5, BP 50, DL 140
292.5 kgs @ 65kgs UnEq
Wayne_Cowdrey said:
While dosed up on painkillers!

Does Ibuprofen count?
I'm fairly certain now this is a facet joint thing, and Wikipedia says they're strongly innervated, which could account for the crippling pain. (I mean Valsalva to walk sort of s**t).

I did similar back in Feb, tho' not as bad, and I've also had dull achy pain before due to lumbar hyperextension (from eg crap bed with a dent in just the wrong place), so I dunno but I might have some tendency to injury.
On the plus side, I'm completely pain free again, can air-squat deep without any issue etc.

TL;dr for the thread; unilateral back spasm, with sharp pain on flexion/extension of spine at one location; improved by lying or walking, worsened by sitting or bending. Cracking with twisting motions.
Rest, lying down as much as possible, walking plenty, sitting with lumbar support, ice, ibuprofen, pain gone in 5 days.
I'll try not to slouch in future, and if anything reoccurs, try to remember this is not something that will warm up or stretch out.
hratIcon...26-01-2012 @ 20:47 
Member 2272, 339 posts
SQ 102.5, BP 50, DL 140
292.5 kgs @ 65kgs UnEq
So I'm pretty much recovered, but wondering if anyone here has advice about how to bombproof things. Currently, I can squat and DL heavy without pain, but still have some stiffness/slight achyness if I strongly round the lower spine (not under load), and a fair bit of clicking if I twist.

I THINK the way forwards is just to be cautious of form and up weights slowly, and I'm going to add RDLs and some abs stuff. But is there any way to strengthen the actual spinal muscles/ ligaments? Would light round back GM's be a good idea?

JackRevansIcon...26-01-2012 @ 20:56 
'There was also a sausage in my mouth.'
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firstly, stretching everything especially hip flexors and also foam rolling

im still experimenting - doing a lot of SLDL but with my legs not completely straight

that second bit isnt really advice because i have no idea how it will turn out but it feels really nice Happy but the first bit is a must, im sure others would agree
BillwestIcon...26-01-2012 @ 22:11 
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My own expwerience of hurting my back (right side, low down) was pain and general soreness for a couple of days, general easing, at which point i thought it was ok, then afew weeks later, did it it again, and again. The solution was a trip to physio, who told me my lack of flexibility was causing me to put too much strain on my lower back. He gave me some exercises to stretch my hip and lower back muscles, and touch wood it has been ok since. Stretching definitely been the key for me.
SouthernBrotherIcon...27-01-2012 @ 10:44 
lazy boy
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I pulled an erector spinea muscle in my back. Low down just to left. Had me walking a bit sideways. As everyone says walking, stretching etc. But be sure to make sure you are keeping good posture. That helped me a lot. I had my facet joint clicked in a few times by work physio, an also did band exercise. I eventually I worked up to deadlifting 40kg. (this was the first time I ever deadlifted.) it's actually what made me start heavy lifting. Took 3-4 weeks to get to 90%, then a further 2-3 weeks to get to 100%.
YoungBuckIcon...27-01-2012 @ 11:10 
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right side of my back has been s**t for a while but it is much better now that ive switched to front squats and sumo deadlifts.
PuddIcon...27-01-2012 @ 11:44 
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I would recommend getting the glutes strong as hell (coupled with hip flexor stretches as previously mentioned). An under appreciated muscle group and very important, especially for deadlifting.

Google Bret Contreras, the glute guy, he has some excellent tnation articles if you search under featured authors. I like weighted glute bridges myself.

Activation exercises such as bird dogs and unweighted glute bridges would also be worth doing pre deadlifting/squatting, fire up the glutes to take some strain from the low back.
hratIcon...27-01-2012 @ 11:46 
Member 2272, 339 posts
SQ 102.5, BP 50, DL 140
292.5 kgs @ 65kgs UnEq
OK, so doesn't sound like I'm being too stupid. I'm stretching, because I am unusually stiff in the hips at the moment, foam rolling etc. It's definitely improving still, I'm just a little paranoid, since it was kinda off then suddenly crippling.
ThingIcon...27-01-2012 @ 12:20 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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as a few of you will know i have been suffering with a spinal injury for 4 years now and tried a number of things.

to help support the spine you will need to strengthen the miltifidi muscle wich surrounds the spine. the way i have found to do this if toe brace your core like you were going to be hit (not push your belly out). i have don this and it does help. you can do this with Planks, or walking with a good posture and a back pack with a little weight in it, or a AB wheel.

the other guys are right to suggest stretching of the Priformis, hamstrings, lower pack, Hip flexors and Hips. also mobility work for your back and hips.

over all stretch every day if you can and add more core work in to your work outs
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