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Andy Ruiz out of shape or outstanding ?

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slow_lift_joeIconAndy Ruiz out of shape or outstanding ?03-06-2019 @ 20:19 
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Well Joshua might be ripped and a fan of hypertrophy but he was beaten by the chunky Mexican.

Wilder would knock Joshua out very easily based on that performance.
JimLiftsIcon...03-06-2019 @ 21:21 
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This clearly proves that the Dad Bod is the true peak of physical evolution.
SamthepigmanIcon...03-06-2019 @ 21:48 
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Fame went to his head. A nice slice of humble pie served by the Mexican
KevC86Icon...04-06-2019 @ 05:58 
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slow_lift_joe said:
Wilder would knock Joshua out very easily based on that performance.

Only if he connects.
I don't get the love for Wilder, he has beaten no one of note. His best opponent has been a mediocre Fury and he was lucky to get the draw.

As for Ruiz, he's a solid though unspectacular boxer. I look forward to seeing the rematch.
danbaseleyIcon...04-06-2019 @ 08:16 
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Samthepigman said:Fame went to his head. A nice slice of humble pie served by the Mexican

I hope this is AJ's version of 'Lewis-Rahman I'.
The_Lone_WolfIcon...04-06-2019 @ 11:50 
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I'm not a boxing expert, or even a fighting expert, but I see this very simply...

AJ is a physical specimen, with good physical and mental attributes. He is a decent boxer and has a lot of power. He can stop fighters alone with this brute force and power.

Boxing however, is not just about power... Look at Tyson Fury, who physically is not in the same shape as AJ, and also lacks AJ's knockout power. What Tyson Fury has is superb boxing skills and he an outstanding boxer. He is very slick, and he out boxed Wladimir Klitschko and did the so called impossible.

Wilder is nowhere near as good as boxing as Fury, hence why Fury out boxed him easily, but Wilder has immense punching power. Fury called Wilder a one trick pony, due to him being a pure knockout artist... And Fury should be given a lot of credit for getting up after getting dropped so late in their match. If it wasn't for that knock down, Fury would have won the match instead of a draw.

All 3 of the above names are VERY different boxers.

Now, as for Ruiz... Yes, he is out of shape compared to AJ, but he is a decent boxer and has power. He was given only a punchers chance by pretty much everyone, and regardless of that tag, it only takes one punch to turn a fight. Ruiz beat him and did the job needed to win a fight.

Fair play to Ruiz, I'm happy for him.
PikefingersIcon...04-06-2019 @ 12:56 
Squatting isn't doing my back any good.
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danbaseley said:
I hope this is AJ's version of 'Lewis-Rahman I'.

I hope it was, but I'm not so sure. Ruiz dropped him four times and Joshua struggled to find his mark.
slow_lift_joeIcon...04-06-2019 @ 23:03 
Member 6186, 196 posts
Boxing is a sport where one punch or your mental and physical condition can make the difference.

If Wilder does connect he would beat Joshua on that last performance, fact.

Ali v Frazer March 1971 Frazier wins but Ali wins the trilogy.
Mike Tyson v Douglas February 1990 Tyson had other issues and was not fit or mentally prepared.
Lewis v Rahman April 2001, a silly error Lewis dropping his gloves.

Joshua V Ruiz June 2019, Money, fame or just another lack of judgement in the boxing ring.

Another shock in boxing history.
JaybukIcon...05-06-2019 @ 15:05 
Member 6130, 109 posts
Joshua’s a special athlete but not a natural fighter if that makes sense for a boxe
Funky_monkeyIcon...05-06-2019 @ 17:07 
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You can't condition your chin. Get hit square on the chin by a big puncher and you're out, no matter how good a boxer you are.
BigMaccaIcon...05-06-2019 @ 17:42 
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Plenty of rumours abound that AJ was knocked out in camp about 10 days from the fight - I really hope that's not true...
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