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Aberdeen Strongman Comp - 8 September 2013

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stuartyIcon...09-09-2013 @ 07:42 
nearly britians strongest man u90kg
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Post Edited: 09.09.2013 @ 07:43 AM by stuarty
Well done to Dhanni and Darryn. Sounded like a great day
BERSERKERIcon...09-09-2013 @ 22:53 
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just like to say Thanks to austen, graham, iwona and everyone who was helping/ loading. was a great comp!i think it was a great atmosphere and a good laugh.
I had a brilliant day,i need a break after a good campaign so going back to rugby and mma for a while, but hope to see you all next year.
The under 90s were amazing, borderline ridiculous on some events.
Thanks to all the 105s for a good comp too.

And yes bryan spent a fortune on my 6 dances!!!!Wink


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