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900kg and 1000kg Raw totals in Britain

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MikenetoIcon...17-10-2018 @ 14:51 
End of an era.
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He could do both. Natty powerlifter isnt suddenly going to lose all their static strength turning into a juiced up strongman.
The_Lone_WolfIcon...17-10-2018 @ 15:21 
I eat a lot of meat
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SQ 245, BP 130, DL 275
650.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
From seeing vids in the past, I'm sure Luke has trained with Mr Sadler, Benni, Ed etc... So he is on the radar and in the circle as it were.

I would like to see him keep chipping away at powerlifting, dominate that then eventually move over to strongman, or even a fed that doesn't test.

He is a unit, he has a bright future, but I hope he stays healthy and doesn't take any risks he doesn't need too.


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