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RickIcon...23-08-2009 @ 20:16 
I am a bench-only guy
Member 3, 10034 posts
SQ 185, BP 175, DL 235
595.0 kgs @ 140kgs UnEq
Well lifted Bryn!
shauncleggIcon...04-01-2010 @ 15:43 
The official olympic weightlifter of SB (juniors)
Member 495, 3531 posts
SQ 201, BP 137.5, DL 200
538.5 kgs @ 69kgs UnEq
solid worked man nice one Grin
brynevansIcon...04-01-2010 @ 16:03 
Scotbasher - forever
Member 59, 2115 posts
I've been stepping up the pace recently on the squats and have been using some proper squat shoes(polish) which seem to be suiting me instead of the converse chuck taylors. I've resumed some band training on the bench too, we'll have to see about getting that lift moving again because I've not PB'd on bench for a long time. I'm contemplating coming back into the 125kg class from the supers, it would put the British qualification total closer by 50kg and it would be interesting to see if it had an major impact on my total. I usually weigh 131-133kg so I'm not that far into the class.


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