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Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
Date20/07/2008 1 PM
Locationlichfield rugby club, tamworth rd, lichfield
PostcodeWS14 9JE
WebsiteNone given
Submitted Byelitestrongman
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Competition Information
Here is our press release for the show; apparently it was in the Daily Star, etc over the weekend in the Midlands. I hope everyone saw our advert in this months Flex too; it was a half page near the back. Check out the vid at the end of the post too!!

[u][b] Englandís strongest man final 2008 [/b][/u]

Venue: Lichfield rugby union football club, Tamworth road, Lichfield. WS14 9JE

Date: Sunday 20th July 2008

Start time: 12.30pm

This is the heaviest competition ever held in England, We have the 13 strongest men from all over England, The top six will go forward to the UK strongest man 2008 final which last year was shown on Sky sports TV.

Please find below a list of events and competitors:

Events: (Events maybe subject to change)

1: Pendulum press

130 kilo over head press/lift for reps within a time of 90 secounds

Event 2: Loading

6 items are lifted in ascending order of weight onto a platform in the fastest time possible. Times will be taken when each item is placed onto the platform. Competitors who successfully lift all 6 items will be scored according to time. Items falling off the platform must be replaced by the competitor before continuing onto the next item. Items will be between 120kgs and 180kgs Total loading weight 1 tonne

Time limit: 120 seconds

Event 3: Big van lift

Using the handles on the frame, which is extending from the end of a van will be grasped deadlift style. The athlete will commence lifting on refereeís signal. Competitors must stand erect with legs straight and back extended in an upright position with shoulders locked back. The weight can only be returned to the start position on the refereeís signal. This sequence to be repeated as many times as possible in the space of 75 seconds. Athletes must maintain a grip on the bar at all times. The person lifting the most number of reps wins.

Lifting straps are permitted, but the use of adhesive substance on the hands is not permitted. NO POWER SUITS ALLOWED

Time limit: 90 seconds
Start Weight: 300kg

Event 4: Elite cross walk

Each competitor must lift the Elite Cross (weighting 210 kiloís) from a stand and carry the cross down a 25 metre course. The competitor must cross each finishing line, before he can continue back down the course. The competitor who carrys the cross for the longest distance wins.

Weight: 210 kilos (33stone)

Time limit: none

Event 5: Pole push

A separate draw will be made for this event. In the event of less than 8 competitors than a byes will be given. First, second & third round best of 1 push. Final best of 3 pushís Each competitor will hold onto one end of the pole and on the command of the referee will try and push the other competitor out of the marked area for this event.


Event 5: truck pull

The athlete will wear a harness and upon the refereeís command pull a 14.5 tonne truck over a 25metre course. The front of the truck must cross the finishing line to stop the clock. The competitor with the fastest time wins

Weight: 14.5 tonne

Course 30 metres

Time limit 90 second


1. Jimmy Marku: Harrow, Middlesex (2006 & 2007 Champion & winner of 2008 Britians strongest man)

2. Simon Morton: Newcastle (3rd place UK strongest man 2005)

3. Mark Lawson: Darlington, Co Durham (2nd place UK strongest man 2005)

4. David McAneney: Penrith, Cumbria (2007 North of England strongest man)

5. Shawn Kenny: Liverpool

6. Adam Townsend: Northampton (2005 champion)

7. Spencer Hyland: Northampton (world strongman cup competitor 2005 & 06)

8. Paul James: Leicester

9. Dave Meer: Tamworth, Staffs (2006 Midlands strongest man & 2008 BSM competitor)

10. Vincenzo Martino: Harlow, Essex

11. Paul Cater: Portsmouth

12. Richard Gorvin: Poole, Dorset (2008 BSM competitor)

13. Paul Carter: Gavesend, Kent

please see link below for promo of competition & elite strongman promotions

Forum Thread England’s strongest man 2008 final 20/07/2008 started by Joni (18 replies)

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Competitors - shawn
Spectators - MattGriff thehitman Joni WILLSAN
Officials/Loaders - elitestrongman
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Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
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